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hook a wire up to the (+) side of the battery and put it to the horn if the horn blows it a good horn if not replace the horn

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Q: How do you make the horn work?
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What would make the horn not work on a 1987 Honda Civic?

not having a horn

How do you get horn to work in a Ford Escort?

Make sure it is grounded to the body. Check the fuse and horn relay.

Why does your horn make a clicking sound when trying to blow it?

The noise you hear is the horn relay clicking. The reason your horn does not work can be two things. Either you have a faulty horn, or you have a bad connection where the wire hooks to the horn.

Would a bad clock spring make your horn not work?

If the steering wheel clock spring is broken both your horn and air bag will not work and can possibly malfunction.

Horn won't work on 2002 Saturn vue?

My horn does not work either. My 2002 has 64000 miles so it shocked me when I bought it and the horn did not work. Get someone under the hood while you press the horn. If it clicks then it works. The horn is behind the right headlight. Remove the headlight and replace the horn. If you know how you can check the voltage to make sure it is connected properly. I had to but then I had front end damage and I did not trust the repair shop to have it connected.

When a horn does work at all what does it mean?

then your horn is fine.

Horn don't work on 96 Oldsmobile ciera?

If the horn does not work on a 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera, you can replace the horn. Almost any type of horn should be compatible.

The cressida horn doesn't work?

the horn of my Toyota cressida dosent work and the fuse are ok.

Where do i find the horn relay on a 2006 Chevy aveo the horn doesn't work but fuses are both good and the horn will work when wired directly?

chev aveo horn relay location

How dop you fix a horn that does not work on a 2007 spectra?

Check the horn fuse, and connector on the horn

Horn won't work in 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan-Horn has sound and relay is good and fuse is good.?

The horn doesn't work

Horn doesn't work but panic button blows hord on Lincoln ls?

my horn doesn't work

Why horn won't work on 2006 Kia Optima?

why horn won't work on 2006 kia optima

Why will a horn not work on the Audi a6?

There are a couple of reasons why a horn will not work on the Audi a6. The horn motor may need to be replaced or a fuse may of blown.

Why do the Horn not work on your 1996 Chevy Lumina?

Check the horn fuse first, followed by the horn relay. If both of these are ok then the horn button or the horn are bad.

Why does THE horn on a 2003 Chevy Cavalier not work?

Check the fuse, Check the connect to the horn and make sure its not corroded. Then if all that is good you need to take the horn off steering wheel. If you have airbags, you will need to disable them first.

Make a sentence using word horn horn?

the trains horn is very loud.

How do you fix a horn on a 1996 Crown Victoria?

You have to determine if the horn itself is broken or if it's a wiring problem. First thing, check the fuse for the horn circuit. See if it is burnt out. If it is good place it back in the fuse holder. Next is to check the horn itself. The horn is located on the front drivers side, mounted on the bumper. Get under the car and look up, you should see it. Check all the wiring around it to make sure all the connections are good. If all the connections look good and it still doesn't work, remove the horn. Once you have it removed, connect it directly to a 12VDC source to make sure the horn is indeed dead. If at this point the horn still doesn't work, buy a replacement (install is the same as removal). If the horn does work, there is either faulty wiring or a faulty horn switch (steering wheel actuated).

How does a English horn produce sound?

You have to make a raspberry and the length of the horn will make the sound

Your horn doesnt work what do you do to fix this problem to make the horn blow again 1997 vw golf gl?

might be a fuse, check the fuse box in the drivers footwell

Horn clicks but doesnt work Saturn sc1?

if its clicking then its the horn can get a horn from auto parts stores.

Where can you get a diagram for horn 93 Cadillac eldorado?

horn don't work a 1992 elderado, where is it or where is fuse panel for horn ?

How do you get horn to work?

You have to determine the cause first. Check the horn switch and contacts, fuse, relay and the horn itself.

Where can you buy a horn for a 2005 Chevy Impala?

any horn will work from the junkyard.

What has the author F A Horn written?

F. A. Horn has written: 'Lettering at work'