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The term "tin cookies" can refer to any cookie that can be successfully stored in a tin (box) for an extended time. Many different sorts of shortbread or butter cookies can be used as "tin cookies."

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Should you make cookies?

When in doubt, make cookies.

How do you convert your cookie recipes to bar cookies?

Rather than stamping or cutting your cookies into shapes you can make them into bar cookies by cutting them into bar shapes or by baking the cookie dough in one piece on a pastry tin, marking it into bars lightly with a knife before baking and then breaking into bars when baked and cooled.

Do puretoricans make cookies?

yes they make chocolate chip cookies

How to make cookies?

You can make cookies by reading the box with cookie mix.

How many in a batch of cookies?

For a recipe that has about 2 cups of flour, I make about 50 cookies, but I make smallish cookies.

What is the different between cookies and history?

Well, you eat cookies, and I sure hope you don't eat history. I know one similarity. You can make cookies and you can make history. Or you can make history by making really good cookies. Or you can make historical cookies. Or you can eat cookies while making history. Or you can eat history while making cookies.

What does tin make?

Tin makes tin cans, and melted tin could make window glass. Also Tin gas been known since ancient times.

What kind of cookies do you make for Christmas?

peppermint twist, lemon cookies, gem cookies, orange cookies

Where can you find florecitas cookies?

I found these for sale at Pricerite the other day. $4.99 for a large tin

What are the uses of tin?

To make tin cans.

How do you make cookies without cookies?

You don't! Unless you want to make them from scratch.

What kind of cookies can you make without butter?

U can make nasty cookies

How can one make cake mix cookies in old mason jars?

Cake Mix cookies using mason jars use standard make mix recipes from the grocery store or home made style that replace placing the mixture into a pan or cake tin with division and placement into the jars and baking in them.

Does Entenmann's make cookies?

Entenmann's makes cookies

How do you make peanut butter and jelly cookies?

Easy, make penut butter, then jelly and cookies. Slap the jelly onto the cookies, thats ur jelly cookies!

You recently baked soft chewy oatmeal raisins cookies and placed them in tin cans with waxed paper in between the cookies After 5 days the cookies were not soft n chewy anymore Where did you go wrong?

go do it with your mum

How do you make cookies not cookie dough?

You have to make cookie dough in order to make cookies. Then you place the dough on baking sheets, and bake it until it becomes cookies.

Is there a recipe to make the Halloween cookies?

Yes, there is a recipe to make Halloween cookies. You can go to the website and it will tell you step by step how to make Halloween cookies.

How do you make your cookies more like a cake?

use cake mix to make cookies,

How much mix do you use to make k cookies?

it depents how much cookies you make

What are Cookies on Facebook?

Cookies make sure you can get onto the internet if have not unabled your cookies it will not let you on! (to unable cookies go to settings)

When baking cookies how long are they good for before they go bad?

The time that cookies can be stored safely depends on the type of cookie. Many dry, crisp cookies can be kept safely in a tin for many months. Most moist, chewy cookies can be frozen indefinitely without spoiling.

Why did the Romans need tin?

Tin was used to make bronze, which is an alloy of copper and tin.

Can you make cookies using oil?

yes yes u have to have vegetable oil to make cookies

Can you make cookies in harvest moon DS?

Yes! Here is the recipe! (This is an Oven recipe!) Egg + Flour + Butter = Cookies! If you want to make chocolate cookies, this is the recipe! (This is also an Oven recipe!) Cookies + Chocolate = Chocolate Cookies!

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