Soybeans and Tofu

How do you make tofu burgers?

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You can get a mix called "Tofu Burger" by Fantastic Foods at many health food stores. You mix the contents with mashed tofu, and then make burgers out of them. You fry them like regular burgers. They are very good.

There are a lot of things you can make with tofu. Traditionally, it was cut up in bite sized pieces and stir fried in a tasty sauce with vegetables.There are whole cookbooks dedicated to cooking tofu. You can make burgers, barbeque, smoothies, "cheesecake"--the list goes on.

Vegetables, tofu burgers, rice... Same as anywhere else in the western world

Burgers that don't contain a high amount of fat (like lean ground beef, or tofu burgers) are healthier than those that have a lot of fat in them, which are typically used in most fast-food restaurants.

Soy milk from soybeans is used to make tofu.

Tofu is made from soya beans, more precisely their milk which is coagulated in order to produce tofu.

Oh you know those Americans are into the triple decker cheese burgers and there tofu and what not all the normal Americans eat it ;)

Tofu needs to contain tofu to be tofu. So yes, tofu contains tofu. Tofu is made from soybeans.

no, tofu improves your good, celery makes you thin

The same way you make normal burgers. The only difference is the meat you use.

No, no food can make a person gay

Yes, you can cook tofu in a grill pan, make sure that you either spray the pan with cooking spray or coat it in oil before placing the tofu on it and make sure you keep an eye on it.

Tofu needs to be cooked/marinated in a sauce or else it has very little flavor. Fortunately, it absorbs flavors really well. You can also change the texture of tofu (make it more dense and chewy) by freezing a drained block of tofu overnight and then thawing it before use.

Try legumes, including beans, peas, lentils, tofu, tempeh, or peanuts. You can make any of these into burgers, patties, loaves, or cutlets, and use them to stuff vegetables like squash or peppers for an impressive main dish.

There are several quick vegan recipes that mainly use tofu. One of the recipes you can make is tofu patties, easy tofu ravioli, spicy tofu spinach quiche, and lemon pepper baked tofu. There are many vegan recipe sites to choose from or you can purchase books on vegan cooking.

they make burgers, wraps and...MONEY

Eating too much burgers can make you gain weight and get obese.

You can make fake chicken with tofu and spices.

If you are allergic to dairy products, but you want to make a cake that needs milk, you can use tofu instead and it tastes just as good! (my friend does this)

McDonalds cook all of there burgers in a coating of suger to make them look brown

Soy paneer is essentially tofu.

chilled tofu is...tofu is like a white square made of something its just when regular tofu is cold.

Probably make burgers.

Depends how big you make the burgers and if any onions or other ingredients are added, but to keep the answer simple, you can make 4 x 4oz pure beef burgers or 2 half pounders.

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