How do you make your Pokemon GO to sleep in Pokemon black and white?

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You need the C gear early in the game,then when you get the game sync, which may be undergoing miantenance, you choose any Pokemon. They will go to sleep and you have access to the dream world for one hour exact every day. Try to find great stuff there, when you get a Pokemon there go on the wireless on the C gear and go to the entralink. The Pokemon you find in the dream world will join you there. The Pokemon are from the past generation games.
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What move makes a Pokemon GO to sleep?

There are actually many types of Pokémon that can put others to sleep, not to mention a variety of movesets that have the same effect. These are moves that cause Pokémon to fall asleep- Sing Dark Void Grasswhistle Hypnosis Lovely Kiss Sleep Powder Spore Yawn As I said, a ( Full Answer )

What is Pokemon White and Pokemon Black?

Pokemon White and Pokemon Black are the 5th Generation of Pokemon games. With the newest Pokemon, Zorua and Zoroark debuting in the 13th Pokemon Movie: "Phantom Pokemon Zoroark", the 5th generation of Pokemon games have finally been announced. Pokemon White and Pokemon Black are to be releas ( Full Answer )

When is the Pokemon Black and White Pokedex going to be released?

next year 2011 it is said that there the two main legendarys that u can get are both on lv 50 when u catch them also u may be able to design ure person . [Update]. The full pokedex will be available once the games are released in Japan, which is September 18th..

What are the Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White?

000-Victini 001-Snivy 002-Servine 003-Servine 004-Tepig 005-Pignite 006-Emboar 007-Oshawott 008-Dewott 009-Samurott 010-Patrat * 011-Watchog * 012-Lillipup * 013-Herdier * 014-Stoutland 015-Purrloin 016-Liepard 017-Pansage 018-Simisage 019-Pansear 020-Simisear ( Full Answer )

Is there going to be a Pokemon game after Pokemon Black and White?

Nintendo Game Freak might be making a new Pokemon game after Pokemon Black and White and it will feature the Pokemon Kyurem. It'll be called Pokemon Grey. And also they might make a remake of the Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald game on Nintendo DS

What consoles are Pokemon Black and White going to be on?

Fairly sure it's going to be for the Nintendo DS, for sure, and probably DSi and DSiXL too. It comes out spring 2011, so things might change a little. the exact date is mar 6 2011 for Pokemon black and white

Can you go to other regions in Pokemon Black and White?

Sadly, no you cannot go to other previous regions except for Unova. Although, some characters in the games (B&W) tell you that they are from other regions. They are really trying to say that the want you to play the PREVIOUS poke`mon games as well as the new ones.

Is there going to be a new Pokemon game after Black and White?

most likey. if Pokemon was first out in the 19 100`s. and now up to 2011 and lots of people still play Pokemon. once they think of lots of new pokmeon (so we don`t alway see the same thing all the time)they make new graphics, and lots of detail, then thy`ll send out a new Pokemon game. P.S. email ( Full Answer )

Where can you find a flute to make any Pokemon GO to sleep?

you get it in the tower where you fight the marowak, after u get to the top and talk the the old man and he will take you to his house and will talk a little and gives you a pokeflute. it is located in lavender town

Is Pokemon black and white guide book going to be in English?

Yes. It is coming out shortly after the release of the games (March 6th) I don't know the exact date. But there are already pre-orders for it on just make sure you are looking at the American/English release and not the Japanese one also listed on the site. They can be easy to m ( Full Answer )

Is Pokemon Black and White going to be for 3DS?

No, Pokemon Black and White, as well as Black 2 and White 2, are for the Nintendo DS. However, these games can still be played on the Nintendo 3DS family No, the games are exclusively for the DS. That's not to say the 3DS hasn't gotten a Pokemon game, though - X and Y were released for the 3DS last ( Full Answer )

Are they going to end with Pokemon Black and White?

There is rumored to be one more generation after Black and White. actually i juts was going to write person above they will not stop making Pokemon as it is to big of a franchise and more and more people are starting to like it

How do you go on wi fi for Pokemon Black and White?

well, if you are asking about how to get the liberty pass, you should go to the menu screen and right there is mystery gift. click on that and then receive gift. (through wi-fi). wait a while and it should be there.

What regions can you go to in Pokemon Black and White?

You can ONLY go to the Unova region without cheats and hacks. Although after you beat the Elite Four, new routes are unlocked with Pokemon from all of the other regions, though this is still in Unova.

How many regions can you go to in Pokemon white and black?

only the Unova region Morphious: Actually, you can go to the Hoenn Region. If you go to Riun City (Third Gym Badge), at the Pokemon center, if you go to the dock closest by it, there is a boat that takes you there. ITS ONLY THERE AT NIGHT!!!!!!

How do you go to the Liberty Garden on Pokemon Black and White?

Step-By-Step Instructions ------------------------------------ . Use Fly/Walk/Bike/Run to Castelia City. . From the Pokemon Center, go to the left all the way and go down the steps. . From there, talk to the man standing next to the boat. He will let you on. . Defeat all of the team plasm ( Full Answer )

Is there going to be a sequel to Pokemon Black and White?

The new games will be called Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. The main legendaries are Black Kyurem (in Pokemon Black 2) and White Kyurem (in Pokemon White 2). The japanese games are set to come out in June 2012 and the english games are rumored to release later this year. Edit: The engli ( Full Answer )

How do you go to dream world in Pokemon Black and White?

you need to "Game Sync" by pressing online on your c-gear, you need to be able to connect to Pokemon wifi connection and you must have joined Pokemon global link, if you havent, go here:

When will they make a Pokemon after Pokemon Black and White?

If you are talking about the main games, no one knows when those are coming out yet. You can expect a few spin off games in the meantime, however, as there usually is. The next spin-off series is Pokemon+Nobunaga's Ambition. It's a game where you take over a feudal Japan-like place called Ransen wit ( Full Answer )

How do you make an egg in Pokemon Black and White?

after you saved the old man in nimbasa city, he gives you the bicycle. go back to route 3 to the day-care. put 2 pokemon in the day-care. be lucky that those 2 pokemon like eachother and produce an egg.

How many regions can you go to in Pokemon black and white 2?

It appears to be only the Unova looking at the Japanese version. You will be able to go to most of the same places as in Black and White versions, including some new places not accessible before. There will also be some changes between these games including the desert route 4.

What Pokemon can make a egg on Pokemon Black and White?

just put a male pokemon and a female pokemon that are in the same egg group in the pokemon day care west of striaton city. it will take some time for them to make an egg but the day care man will call out to you once the pokemon have made an egg

Are they making Pokemon Black 3 and Pokemon white 3?

It is not known whether they are making Pokemon Black and White 3but I personally don't think it would happen since they are aboutthe release Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, the 6th Generation of thegames. Pokémon X and Y are the first games in the main-series to becompletely in 3D and will be rel ( Full Answer )