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How do you make your credit score go up?


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If you have no credit>> Get a credit card, car loan, or any type on loan AND PAY IT!

coming from a person w/ an 798 score!

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Credit bureaus don't make up a FICO score. FICO score are based on the information on a consumber's credit bureau file. There are 3 credit bureau's are: Equifax Trans Union Experian

How long does it take for credit score to go up in rating after paying off debt?

That totally depends on what your credit score is to start with.

You credit score will not go up if you pay your Chapter 13 off early. Your credit score is not directly tied to every step of your bankruptcy.

As long as you make all of your payments as agreed and are never late financing a home is one of the best things people can do for their credit. Your score goes up after 6-months and continues to go up the longer you make your payments. It shows stability and responsibility. Only if you do not make your loan payments fully and on time will the score not improve. If you make the loan payments and avoid taking out any other loans or new lines of credit for a while, it could actually significantly improve your credit score. It will take several months to a year to do so, but the longer you handle a sizable loan like that responsibly, the more good it will do your credit score.

Yes, a Bankruptcy is one of the most damaging accounts which can show up on a credit report. The good news is that after 2 years, the account doesn't impact your credit score as much. Once it is deleted, your credit score is improved.

When I had a collection deleted from my credit it made my score go up. It will take several weeks.

I have a credit score of 711 but limited credit history, which means not much experience so I'll need to build up credit. 711 is on the good range but you should also remember to maintain it or build it up. You wouldn't want your score to go down.

If this credit line is tied to your social security number, removing your name from it will probably affect your score, but it is difficult to tell if it will go up or down until AFTER you make the change. Most instances I have seen have caused a drop in the credit score.

You can go to to get a 2010 credit report and credit score. This is free but you have to sign up for the trial. You can then cancel the trial before it is over and you will not have to pay anything. You can also go to

paying off bad credit will take about 60 days to have an effect on your credit score. But, if you don't have any credit cards you will never have a good credit score because no one is giving you credit.

How to clean up your credit report

Unemloyment does not affect your credit score, as long as you keep up with your payments. It does make it difficult to obtain new credit.

More than likely if you file for bankruptcy your credit score will go down. They report the filings for up to seven years and sometimes ten.

According to the FICO the highest possible credit score you can obtain is 850, but if you use another credit scoring formula Vantage Score the credit rating can go all the way up to 990. FICO is the mostly widely used

== == Your score could increase anywhere from 10-60 points total. There is no concrete number, this is an estimation.

What are the factors of a credit score?»Payment History 35%»Amounts Owed 29.5%»Length of Credit 15%»Credit Variance 10%»New Credit 10%»Personal Information Variances 0. 5%

credit scores are not likely to go up simply by paying your balances. But it will help your ratio when your credit is pulled. I do know that scores go down with late payments, credit checks, bankruptcy,

The best pay to improve your credit score is to use your credit card (reasonably), and make your payments every time, on time. Paying for debts such as a loan, car payment, mortgage, and so forth will also improve your credit score. In most cases, the score goes up one point for every on-time payment.

Lowering a credit card's limit may cause a credit score to go up,down, or remain the same. Factors that impact a credit score can include: the amount a credit limit is reduced, on-time payments, new accounts being opened and if balances are paid down or increased.

How many points your credit score will go up after bankruptcy comes off, will depend on where it was beforehand. Your credit score may improve drastically into the 600's, or it may still be low.

Someone's credit needs to be rebuilt after they receive enough negative credit report information, and their credit score drops. To rebuild your credit you have to make sure you pay all of your bills on time. If you have a credit card, you need to pay it on time every month, and stay below your limit. After maintaining good habits for a while, your credit score will start to go back up.

credit score is not based on age but how you handle your credit....handling your credit well and your score goes up.....handle your credit bad, as in having a lot of debt and not paying on time brings your score down.

Your credit score is only affected when you volunteer the credit check. When you apply for a credit card, the credit check will show up on your score. However, if you get a pre-approved credit card, the company that sent you the card has already done the check, so that will not show up and affect your score.

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