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You cannot "make" someone want to be around you especially an ex. Just be yourself, be casual and don't try to be too overbearing or needy. If you pressure and pester him you will just push him away and he may begin to resent you.


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Guys are simple. If your ex wants you back, he will tell you... "I want you back" Don't make it more complicated then it is.

Seduce him but dont give in. once he starts wanting you, back off. Make him want it more.

Well, if she's your ex: she probably doesn't want anything to do with you.

I suggest you be more specific in asking what you should do about your ex girlfriend: do you want her back? does she want you back?, etc...

10 Ways to get your ex jealous.1.Make them think you forgotten about him.Be joyful or something.2.If you guys call each other count to 3 before you answer.So he will think youare busy.3.Have guy or girl friends.Don't be to flirty where he has to move on.When you guys walk by your ex,say something funny that will make them laugh.He will want to know what's going on.He'll also want to be in the group.4.If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend talk to him loudly but not so loudly where your ex thinks its obvouis.Make your ex think what made him give you up.5.Be flirty around your ex close friends so they will talk about you around your ex.But don't go over board.Don't broach deep, serious topics unless you want your ex to believe that haven't you moved on.6.Have only one guy or girl you flirt with because it will make it obvouis.7.Look good,feel good ect..8.If your ex has a new partner then become really close. And when he tries talking to you make short conversations but make it interesting so he will want to talk more.9.Don't take it too far, you don't want your ex to be truly depressed, just a little regretful.10.Accomplish something

Okay, if you like your best friends ex. you like their ex. There really is no way around your feelings, though I know you may try. Talk to your friend about it, if they are your friend they will understand, and will want to make you happy! Hope I helped!

make or produce ex. I want to manufacture that toy.

If you didn't have that great a relationship with your ex then it is better to move forward and start dating. It is possible that if you ex knows that you are dating he may fight to get you back; but fight he should to get you back so don't make it easy if he broke off with you. You may be surprised that once dating you meet someone you care about more than your ex.

to make your ex notice you, you should tell them how you feel.Don't act weird around them..just be yourself and it will workout if its meant to be.

because they just dont want you to know what they are feelinqq

If your ex wants you back then they will contact you. Sometimes before they make contact you they may glance at you when they think you are not looking, but it's communication by contacting you that will let you know if they want you back. Meanwhile don't sit around moping for your ex and get out with friends and start dating. If your ex sees you dating and they do care about you then it may shock them enough to come back.

You cant make anyone do anything they dont want to, but you could always try. If you really want your ex to want you then just remind him of all the good things, try to make him miss you and what you two had. Why would you want to be with someone who does not want to be with you? Have you taken leave of your senses!!!?

You need to be honest with both BF and EX choose which one you really want to be with ask yourself why did you and EX break up? And what do you like about your BF?While you are pondering what you should do it is always better to upgrade when you leave a EX the next BF should be better looking, better job, make you feel better, he should love or like you more, make you happier, make you feel more like the person you know you deserve, if you had of upgraded you would not be thinking about your EX!

it means she likes ur company as a friend but if u want to be any more than that its not gonna happen

if you just d i e he will be so impressed hell want to date you

impress her and make her feel like you want her more than the boy shes with

If you dream about your ex more than usual it probably means you want to be with her/him and you haven't got over your partner

improve your physical appearance and your financial holdings.

I want to make love in this club by ushier

depends on what you want. if you dont want him back leave it alone. . if you do then the best thing to do is let him approach you dont let him see that you miss him because then he will think your stong enough not to need him and it will make him want you more.

You don't. If you really want to know if their gone then that simply means your better off without them... and why would u want your ex to make a move unless uyou are jealous of their new girl friend or boyfriend and you want them broken up

You go out with his best friend and you give him the same stuff you gave your ex and you make sure he tells your ex and he will come back to you for sure.

No, you need to be yourself around her, ignoring her will most likely make her angry or upset, and if she broke up with you she obviously doesnt want to be with you, so give her the space she needs.

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