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Alright. You want to make your face paler? It's pretty simple.

1.) Try to stay out of the sun. As we all know, being in the sun causes your skin to tan.

2.) Wear sunblock when you go out in public. Better yet, I put on cosmetic cover-up, and it shields my skin from the sun while making you look slightly paler.

3.) Since I mentioned it before--cosmetic cover-up. Get a shade that's lighter than your own, too.

4.) Skin whitening cream.

Other than that, you just have to do that and wait awhile. You'll get progressivley paler.

Hope it helped. xx

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Will your face get paler if you put lemon on your face?

No it just gets ugliet

How do you make your face paler without make up?

simple-STAY OUT OUT OF THE SUN! depending on how tan your skin is it may take longer.

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Stay out of the sun.

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