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How do you make your hair longer and thicker?

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Making Your Hair Longer and Thicker

For thicker hair,

Get rid of stress, drink lots of water, take vitamins and eat a lot of fruits. Also, massage your scalp once in a while to activate your growth cells.

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How can you make your pubic hair longer and thicker?

If you trim it or shave it it may grow in longer or thicker.

How do you make your hair thicker and longer?

There is no magical way to make you hair grow differently. Whoever tells you that there is, is trying to scam you.However, hair extensions are good for making you hair thicker or longer.

Can you actually make hair grow longer?

yes you can,you can buy doo gro hair treatment products and it will make your hair thicker and longer in weeks!

How can i get my hair to grow longer and thicker fast?

To make your hair grow longer you could try oiling it and giving it a trim- to make it get thicker then you'd have to try not washing it for a while and let natural grease into your hair to make it healthy [i think =) ]

Is it true if you have more hair you have longer hair?

This is not true. More hair will give you thicker hair, but not longer.

Who has longer and thicker hair Victoria Justice or Elizabeth Gillies?

If ur talking about longer then Liz gillies had longer hair than Vic's. But Vic's hair is thicker than Liz's

Can a woman get a hair transplant to make her hair longer and thicker?

Sort of - hair transplants just move hair from one place to another, they don't make hair, or change it.

Does shaving chest hair make it grow back thicker?

Yes, it grows back thicker and longer. I would know from experience.

How do you grow thicker longer hair?

you have to condicion

Does peroxide make hair thicker when you color it?

It will not make your hair thicker or thinner. it will only do that if you over process your hair.

Will your hair grow thicker and longer if you shave them?

Not necessarily longer...but yes, thicker! (If you shave them again they don't have time to get long!)

How do you make your armpit hair grow faster for females?

shave it , when it grows back it should be thicker and longer

When you have thin hair long hair do long layers make your hair thinner?

Thinning your hair will make the bottoms layers of your hair thinner. If you get longer layers your hair will appear a little more thicker/volumized but will the bottom layers will be a bit thinner. If you get a lot of layers then your hair have more volume and appear thicker. Hope this helped!

Do razers make your hair grow back thicker if your a woman?

Shaving does not "make your hair grow back thicker".

How do you make my eyelashes become longer and thicker?

A diet rich in vitamin B and biotin can make your eyelashes become longer and thicker.

Does shaving make hair thicker?


How can you make your head hair grow faster?

there is no way to make your hair grow longer... sorry! (we all wish there was a way)but if you condition your hair regularly, it weighs it down to make it appear slightly longer, and healthier.i have also heard that taking iron tablets (vitamins) can make your hair thicker and therefor look slightly longersorry again but i hope this helps in anyway

How can you increase your facial hair growth?

Shaving makes your facial hair grow longer and thicker.

Does cutting hair make it thicker?

No it just make your hair shorter. :D

What haircut would make your thin hair thicker?

If you got your hair cut in layers it would seem thicker.

Which hair oil made your hair grow thicker?

Nothing that you can put on from the outside will make your hair grow thicker. (With the possible exception of Minoxidil.)

Does cutting your child's hair make it thicker and longer?

I'm not very sure about the thick part but i do know it makes hair longer. Don't cut it too short but you should cut it every now and then so it can grow.

How can you make your bangs thicker or at least appear thicker?

add more hair to your bangs :)

How can you make your hair grow thicker and longer for a kid?

Don't believe what you hear in the news or on tv. Good hair starts with a good scalp. Without a healthy scalp your hair will not grow long or strong.

How can you make leg hairs grow back thicker darker and longer?

If you shave the hair on your legs for about 2 months they will start growing back thicker, darker and longer. After about a year they will be very dark, long etc. This works on most people but some skin and hair types may not have the same affect as others . :)