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Easy. Always be honest, always be humble. Enjoy everyone's stories, create your own to tell. Everyone is in the same boat, be friendly to everyone and some of them will be good friends back. The others have issues, give them time to work them out. Always forgive.

People are social animals. Get involved with your friends lives and envoy your own.

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Is life good or bad?

Life is really what you make of it.

What can i do as a youth to make it in life?

Make good friends.

What is the punchline of Samsung?

life good/make it better it

Why do we need to have a good decision in life?

If you make poor decisions, you will be an unhappy person. Making good decisions helps you to have a better life and be happier in that life.

What are the good effects of chemical change?

Life, chemical changes make life possible.

How should you get a life?

Make friends, get a girlfriend so u can have a good sex life

What is a good machine that helps make life easier?

The computer

What make brothers good at life?

They are Great to look up to:)

Which is the action verb in this sentence Life is full of choices so you must learn to make good ones?

91. Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones. a. life b. choices c. none d. learn e. make

What can you do at Mt Etna?

you could make money and be rich have kids and fun and life a good life with you wife.

Nouns in this sentence Life is full of choices so you must learn to make good ones?


Why good manners?

Why not ? They are free, easy , and make life more pleasant.

When life gives you lemon make lemonade?

Basically, it means when life throws something bad at your, make the most of it, try and get something good from itxx

Would a gangster and a good girl make a good couple?

Depends, If the gangster is willing to leave his old life behind in order to make a better one for the good girl.

Robert adamson erica hubbard dating in real life?

No they are not but they make it look so real on tv but they are really good friends in real life...but they should go out cuz they really do make a good couple!

What is the coolest virtual world where you can create and play?

The sims cos u can make them have a good life or a bad life.

How does skateboarding make life easier?

well skateboarding doesn't really make life easier but it is really good exercise and get help you take out aggression when you are angry.

How can you make a sentence with leave and live?

If you leave, I will still live a good life.

What is the good effect of chemistry to society?

yeah because it can make our life better

List the 3 properties of water that make it a good supporter of life?

Three properties that make water a Good supporter of life are: liquid, solid, and gas, at least that's what i put for my 8th grade homework assignment... :)

What are the verbs in the sentence Life is full of choices so I must learn to make good ones?

Is, learn and make

Would Sagittarius and Gemini make a good couple?

they make a beautiful couple they just like different things in life I'm a Gemini n i go out with a Sagittarius n our relationship is good but not dhat much in life at times

How do you make a good white deck in magic the gathering?

You just need a good deck with flying and cards that give you life

I hope life for you is good as it is cause the future ain't looking so good for you sweetie Does this make sense?

Yes, it makes sense. It is saying... I hope you are enjoying life now, in present time, because in the future you probably won't have as good a life as you have now.

When life give you lemons you make lemonade?

It means when life gives you something you make somthing good out of it No, throw the lemons back. Get mad. Say, "Ey life, I dont need these dang lemons! What the heck do I do with these?!?"

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