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How do you make your villagers pure to cure the tree in virtual villagers 4?


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May 20, 2012 11:16PM
  1. gather ALL flute heads (or it wont work)
  2. make sum soap (3 soapy/white herbs & boiling salt water)
  3. use the person u plan on makin pure to put sum soap in the water (the pond near the research area it comes wen u clear the debris)
  4. wen they finish cleanin bring em to the flute heads (once u put em there children r gunna keep comin sayin theyre interested in the flutes)
  5. either finish building the nursery or hav sum1 constantly tell stories to the children (i told stories only cuz i didnt kno about the nursery) so tht they stay away
  6. wen tht gets done put em over the whole in the tree and theyll do the rest

Hope tht helps!! :D