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Q: How do you manufacture a fish patty?
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What is a tuna patty?

It is a patty containing tuna fish.

What are some food in Jamaica?

patty yam banana ackee salt fish

Why did patty break up with rusty-james in ruble fish?

Someone told Patty about Rusty James's party up at the lake. Patty thought Rusty cheated on her with another girl at the party, but he didn't. Rusty's friend, Smokey, wanted that to get back to Patty so that she and Rusty would break up because Smokey liked Patty.

What is SpongeBob's achievements?

BEST Krabbie patty and jelly fish awards. Catch up on your episodes.

What in the McDonald's filet of fish?

Two steamed bunsTarter sauceHalf a slice of cheeseOne filet patty

How big is a filet of fish?

A filet of fish is a piece of fish that has the bones removed. McDonald's sells a filet of fish sandwich that has a fish patty that is about 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches square. A filet of fish can be larger or smaller.

When was The Patty Patty Sound created?

The Patty Patty Sound was created on 1998-03-02.

What are the names of three fish?

Zit Zat zot nick nake patty-wack milky silky kilky

What nicknames does Patty McCormack go by?

Patty McCormack goes by Patty.

What do you call the ability of a angler fish jellyfish and firefly in the manufacture of light?


What is the sandwich called that has a brat patty and a beef patty on it called?

a crabby patty

What is a patty wack?

A patty wack is a regular patty that you bake and then wack somebody with.

What was the conflict in the story rumble fish and why?

it was when patty brike up with rusty James and because rusty James was with other girls

What is the birth name of Sandi Patty?

Sandi Patty's birth name is Sandy Patty.

How do you spell chicken patty?

chicken patty

How do you write Patty in Hebrew?

Patty = פאטי

What is the hawaiian word for Patty?

Patty = Paki

What is the birth name of Patty Loveless?

Patty Loveless's birth name is Ramey, Patty Lee.

What is the birth name of Patty Vaughan?

Patty Vaughan's birth name is Patty Inez Brightwell.

Who is patty in rumble fish?

rusty James girlfriend but she breaks up with him because cheated on him and starts dating smokey foxy in the movie

How many calories does a patty have?

A hamburger patty has 204 caloriesA chicken patty (60g) has 172 caloriesA Jamaican beef patty has 216 calories

What is Patty Murray's party?

Patty Murray is democrat

Does patty bouvier have any children?

No, Patty is a lesbian

How tall is Patty Weaver?

Patty Weaver is 5'.

What is the plural of patty?

The plural form for the noun patty is patties.