How do you mark primary and secondary stress on the words like camera perhapsaroundpresentdefective?

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primary stress in camera
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How do you find primary and secondary stress in English words?

if it`s a noun or adjective the primary stress will be on the penult( the syllable before the final ) if the vowel is heavy( branching - short vowel+ coda OR diphthong) if it`s not heavy then go to the next left heavy syllable if it`s a verb then the stress will be on the ult (the final syllable ) ( Full Answer )

How do I mark primary and secondary stress in English words?

Primary stress is where the word has its biggest concentration of sound. It is marked by an apostrophe placed at the beginning of the stressed syllable, and the apostrophe MUST be up-placed. Secondary stress is where the word has any sort of stress, yet it is not as relevant as the primary stress; t ( Full Answer )

How many primary and secondary timing chain tensioners are needed for the 1997 Mark VIII?

There are two "secondary timing chain tensioners".. Ford part #'s--- 1ea. of the following (F7LZ-6K254-BA) and (F7LZ-6K254-AA).. There are also two "primary timing chain tensioners".. Ford part #'s ---1ea. of the following (F6AZ-6L266-CA) and (F6AZ-6L266-DA).. If any more information is needed c ( Full Answer )

What is primary secondary?

A primary source is a document, speech, or other sort of evidence written, created or otherwise produced during the time under study. Secondary sources provide interpretation and analysis of primary sources.

Primary succession and secondary succession?


What are primary consumers and secondary consumers?

Primary consumers feed on producers (plants) and secondary consumers feed on primary consumers. For example, rabbits are primary consumers because they feed on vegetation. Foxes are secondary consumers because they feed on rabbits.

Compare primary and secondary succession?

They both taking along time period to form the forest back. Primary approximately thousands of year because they started from an empty land. Secondary approximately only take hundreds of years because they started from forest that have been destroyed by natural disaster, burning, or whatever rea ( Full Answer )

What is stress mark?

A stress mark or accent mark is used to show the part of a certainword that needs to be given a stressed or accented sound whenspoken. It is found most often in words of other languages.

Examples of secondary stress?

Secondary stress refers to the second syllable in a word that hasless emphasis than the first. The second syllable must have anaccent mark in order to be considered a secondary stress.

Meaning primary stress secondary stress and tertiary stress?

The stressed syllable is the syllable that is emphasized when it isspoken. Some words have more than one stressed syllable, so theprimary stress is the most emphasized syllable, the secondarystress is the second most emphasized, and the tertiary stress isthe third most emphasized.

What is primary stress and secondary stress?

primary stress-the principal or strongest stress of a word ex. someone yelling at you about what you did secondary stress- you yelling at someone else because that someone yelled at you another example Sarah is mean to Tim & when Tim gets home he hits his little sister I'm not suggesting hitti ( Full Answer )

How can you know primary winding and secondary winding if there is no marking?

If it is a step down transformer, the windings with the thin wire is the primary and the thicker wire will be the secondary Answer However, if the wires is not visible, then use an ohmmeter (or multimeter set to measure ohms). The higher-voltage winding has the higher resistance. This is beca ( Full Answer )

What is the secondary stress?

When speaking English words it is important to stress/emphasise the correct syllable. Those syllables should be spoken more strongly. . In words containing three or more syllables, often only one of the syllables should be stressed, as in. par -ent-hood, pa- ren -the-ses. But the syllables ( Full Answer )

What is a stress mark?

In grammar, a stress mark is a mark that indicates the stress on asyllable. It is placed before, after, or over a syllable.

What is a stress-mark?

a mark indicating stress through the head and body. Causing any damages to your body witch usually adjust to an insanity attack.. or having seizures and pain like migraines.

Primary data and secondary data?

primary data is where you get o fact off a computer or from a book secondary data is where you get a fact of someone and it might not be true

Similarities of primary and secondary source?

Both primary and secondary sources are both sources and both can have photographs classified in it- whether fake or real. They also both have autobiographies/biographies classified in it, but it depends whether handwritten by a particular person at a particular time.

How do you mark stress in english words?

In the words themselves, you don't. In Latin pronunciation keys, you use apostrophes (sort of) before the syllable. In the most stressed syllable, you use one above, in a less-stressed syllable, you use one lower like a comma. E.g. "pronunciation": prǝ,nǝnsē'ā sh ǝn

Is the word camera stressed on the second syllable?

In English, the word camera is stressed on the first syllable: CA m'ra. Phonetic: kámm ə rə, or kámmrə. See Related links below for more information and audio examples of pronunciation in North American (US) and other accents/languages.

Is a coyote a primary or secondary consumer?

Coyotes are carnivores which means they're not primary consumers exof primary consumer a rat, rabbit, squierl, mouse. Why are theseprimary consumers? They are the primary energy source of food forconsumers because they collects all the nutrients for plants andlater on get eaten to nurious a carnivor ( Full Answer )

Primary and secondary source?

it stupid stuff i mean who wants to learn about this well i dont im in 6th grade and my life is good why do i have to learn about primary and secondary stuff no one cares if ur a good girl try to be a bad girl come on serisly is anyone in there i guess no cause one if u love school so much go marry ( Full Answer )

What are a primary source and a secondary source?

Answer if this question concerns literature, not electricity. Primary Source : This is your main source, a source that was recorded when the event happened. Secondary Source : A source based on other sources e.g. a book about the event or a biography written by person A about perso ( Full Answer )

How do you mark the stress in the word politics?

Many times people will mark stressed syllables by separating the syllables with dashes and capitalizing the letters of the stressed syllable. In the case of "politics," you would write "POL-i-tics." This is an informal method that gets the point across. Be aware that there may be a more academic me ( Full Answer )

What are primary and secondary photochemical processes?

A primary photochemical reaction is the immediate consequence of the absorption of light. Subsequent chemical changes are called secondary processes.

What is a secondary consumer and a primary consumer?

A secondary consumer is an animal that eats primary consumers, which is an animal that eats producers For example, birds (secondary) eat bugs (primary), which in turn eat plants (producer)

What is the first stressed syllable in the word camera?

Camera is stressed on the first syllable. A simple way of testing which syllable is stressed is by saying the word aloud. Look for the syllable that you naturally emphasise more in your speech.

What is the difference between a secondary and a primary camera?

Both of the secondary and primary cameras are located on a mobilephone, but they are in opposite spots. The secondary camera is onthe back of the phone and has the best picture quality of the two.The primary camera is on the front and has lower quality as itsmainly used for video chats and taking se ( Full Answer )

Does iPhone have a secondary camera?

well, not the current version. the new iphone 4g (which will arive sometime near september) will have a front and back camera. the current version has a back camera. the new version will have an added front camera for video calling. it will also have a secondary mic for clarity.

What are the primary and secondary directions?

In astrology primary directions and secondary directions are usedfor progressions. Primary directions are a degree for a year andsecondary directions are a day for a year.

Stress mark on the word perfect?

The stress is on the first syllable. There are different ways to indicate this. One way is with symbols like accent marks: per'-fect or 'per-fect. Changes in font ( per -fect or per -fect) or case (PER-fect) can also indicate the stressed syllable.

What do you understands by primary and secondary memory?

Primary Storage means the RAM, seocndary storage is the HDD (hard disk drive). More RAM makes the computer faster when transfering temporary datas. Their all temporary, so they all will get wiped out after a system restart. But in secondary storage datas get kept permenantly. Eg: When you save an ( Full Answer )

Is a butterfly a primary or secondary consumer?

A butterfly is a primary consumer because the definition of a secondary consumer is an organism that eats meat. However a butterfly does not eat meat and usually eats leaves, classifying as a primary consumer.

What is a secondary camera?

A secondary camera is either an outward or inward facing camera when both are present. For example, the Nintendo DSi and 3DS both have two cameras. One to take pictures of yourself while looking at the screen, and another on the back to take pictures of others. A lot of things have become slimmer, s ( Full Answer )

Where is the primary stress in the word radio?

The primary stress is on the first syllable. RAY-dee-oh. When trying to locate the primary stress, the easiest way is to hum the word. When you hum it, the syllable with primary stress will come out louder. Secondary stress will be second loudest, etc.

What is the primary stress in the word magazine?

In British English it would be magaZINE but I think Americans pronounce it more like MAGazine. In each case the middle syllable is weak (schwa) but the syllable that doesn't have the primary stress has a secondary stress so it is not weakened. So even in British English the 'mag' part of magaZINE rh ( Full Answer )

Where is the primary stress in the word beautiful?

The word is pronounced b'YOO-ti-full, with the accent on the first syllable. (Beau is normally pronounced to rhyme with "go" but in this word, it is pronounced to rhyme with "few").

What does a musical stress mark look like?

There are different kinds of musical stress marks that mean different things. All of them are placed above the note that they pertain to. A staccato Is simply a small dot like a period ( . ). a staccatissimo looks like an exclamation point with the dot part being the note head ( ! ) (I personally na ( Full Answer )