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Is lard soluble in water?

Lard is fat and so not soluble in water.

A solid that floats in water?


How many pounds of lard are in a 5 gallon bucket?

At room temperature, 5 gallons of water weights 40 lb. Lard is an animal fat, with a specific gravity of about .9. That means that a volume of lard will weigh about .9 times as much as the same volume of water, and therefore 5 gallons of lard will weigh about 36 lb.

Is lard light?

Yes, it is probably lighter than water.

Does lard have a taste?

Everything has a taste even water, nothing.

How many cup are there in 2 12 pound of lard?

A bit over 5.5 cups (5.53) Lard is a bit lighter than water.

Does one cup of lard weigh as much as cup of water?

The cup of water is slightly heavier.

Is lard in milkshake?

No there is no lard.

Is animal lard heathier than vegetable lard?

Vegetable lard does not exist, its an oxymoron. So animal lard;)

Does Jiffy mix contain lard?

Yes, the Corn Muffin Mix does contain lard. Specifically, the box states that it contains "lard, hydrogenated lard, or partially hydrogenated lard."

What does lard do in pastry?

what does lard do in cooking

100 g of lard is equivalent to how many cups of lard?

1 cup of lard

Where can you get lard?

You can buy lard on ebay.Also, you can get it from a pig.

What is lard in tagalog?

Tagalog translation of lard: mantika

Is tenderflake pork or beef lard?

Tenderflake use lard to make pastry, lard is the rendered fat from pork, rendered fat from beef is known as dripping not lard.

How much fat in lard per 100g?

Lard is fat, so 100g lard is 100g fat.

What is the molecular weight of lard?

Lard is not a compound but a mixture.

Is lard a swear word?

No, lard is not a swear word. Lard is pig fat that is rendered and clarified for use in cooking.

Is lard used in a pizza at Pizza Hut?

There is no lard used in the pizza's at Pizza Hut. The dough is made of a dough blend which varies depending on the type of dough, flour, water and sunflower oil.

Does cream cheese have lard in it?

Cream cheese does not have lard in it normally.

How many grams of fat in lard?

Lard it fat. 100%

When was Praise the Lard created?

Praise the Lard was created in 1991.

When was The Power of Lard created?

The Power of Lard was created in 1988.

When was Allen Lard born?

Allen Lard was born in 1866.

What is vegetable lard?

There is really no such thing as vegetable lard. Lard refers to a fat coming from an animal. There is such thing as vegetable fats, like oil and shortening. Shortening is often called (incorrectly) vegetable lard because its look and consistency is similar to animal lard.

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