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If you have to ask, call an electrician.

Seriously, if you poke around inside a live electrical panel where the breakers are, you have the potential not only for a fatal electric shock, but also for an arc blast. To do this safely requires proper protective equipment (blast shield, gloves, boots) as well as properly rated industrial voltmeter with the right kind of input protection circuitry. If you've got the right equipment and the safety training to know how to avoid killing yourself when you use it, then you'll know how to measure the voltage (probe the output of the breaker against ground and read the number on your meter).

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Q: How do you measure volts at a circuit breaker?
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If you have 120 volt circuit 15 amp breaker 8 ohms resistance what causes the circuit breaker to trip?

too many volts

Do you have a circuit breaker which operates for one millon volts?

Circuit breakers operate on current not voltage.

You are getting 110 volts after the circuit breaker but only 50 volts at breaker why?

you have a magic power-generating CB find out how it works and you should make a fortune.

What circuit breaker to install for 10 amp 250 volt circuit?

You need a breaker rated for 10 amps and 250 volts. The breaker must also fit properly in your panel.

How do you check the volts?

by attatching a voltmeter into the circuit you are trying to measure the volts of.

How do you test a 30 amp circuit breaker?

If the breaker is in the distribution panel and you have a volt meter check the circuit for 120 volts to the neutral or ground. If there is 120 volts present on the terminal the breaker is operational. Turn the breaker off, if the voltage disappears the breaker is operational. It is not recommended to do a load test on a breaker of this amperage due to the high wattage load needed to trip the breaker.

Is a 2 pole 30 amp circuit breaker equivalent to two single pole 15 amp circuit breakers?

No, the number on the handle of the breaker is the maximum amount of amperage the breaker will handle before it trips. A two pole breaker is handling 240 volts. A single pole breaker handles 120 volts. Each of the "hot" wires from the two pole breaker has a potential of 120 volts to the neutral wire, but 240 volts from one "hot" wire to the other "hot" wire.

What is the difference between single pole mcb and double pole mcb?

A single pole circuit breaker can protect one hot wire to a given load where as a two pole circuit breaker can protect two hot wires to a given load. In the North American system this would equate to 120 volts on a single pole circuit breaker and 240 volts on a two pole circuit breaker.

How volts comes from a 20amps breaker?

On most residential circuit breaker boxes in North America, each individual breaker represents one 120-volt circuit. Two breakers ganged together represent a 240-volt circuit.

Is a 2 pole breaker one circuit or two?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service.On a split phase system where you need 240 volts a two pole breaker is used. L1 to N will give you 120 volts for one circuit. L2 to N will give you 120 volts for one circuit. L1 to L2 will give you 240 volts for one circuit.

Can a 15amp 1pole circuit breaker replace a 2pole circuit breaker?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.No, a two pole breaker supplies 240 volts to a connected load, whereas a single pole breaker supplies 120 volts to a connected load.

How big of a circuit breaker needed for two 1500 watt that are 240 volts?

A 30 amp breaker wired with AWG #10 wire.

How do you rewire a 110 volt receptacle to produce 220 volts?

You would need to rewire it at the breaker box, and switch it from a single pole breaker to a double pole breaker. But when you do, all outlets and lights on that circuit will carry 240 volts. Best thing to do is run a new wire to the outlet you want to carry 240 volts. Put it on it's own circuit with the proper size breaker. I advise you to call an electrician unless you know what you are doing.

Is the main circuit breaker is a sum of the sub circuit breaker?

no main circuit breker =circuit breaker

How do you make a 240 volts breaker into a 120 volts power circuit breaker?

Simply use it. The 240 volt breaker is rated to be able to trip 120 volts with no problem. Of course, pick an appropriate current for the size of the conductors. Naturally, if the 240 volt breaker is double pole, you have a problem, because that is not an expected configuration. Also, don't expect the reverse, i.e. a 120 volt breaker is not rated to trip 240 volts.

How many amps are in 240 volts?

There are not any amps in 240 volts. They are apples and oranges. The amperage in a circuit is determined by the wire size and the size of the overcurrent protection device, E.I., the circuit breaker or fuses.

How many amp circuit breaker is needed for a 1000 watt 240 volt electric baseboard heater?

Watts = Amps x Volts. Amps = Watts/Volts = 4.16. The smallest breaker in a house panel is 15 amps. You will need a 2 pole 15 amp breaker. On a # 14 wire you can load that circuit up to 12 amps.

If you attach an ammeter to a circuit you measure?

You measure the amount of volts(I) going through whatever you attached it to

What size amp circuit breaker would protect a 12kW boiler?

The breaker protects the wiring not the boiler. 12,000 watts at 240 volts will require 50 amps. So, you will need a 60 amp breaker using AWG# 6 wire on a dedicated circuit.

What is the Power dissipated allowed by a circuit breaker with 208 volts and 5 amps?

1,040 watts or 1.04 KW.

How can I get 230 volt single pole wire from my house panel?

In North America you can not obtain 230 volts from just one single pole breaker. The distribution is like this, from a one pole breaker to neutral is 120 volts. From an adjacent breaker to neutral is 120 volts. From the adjacent breaker to adjacent breaker (breakers situated beside each other) the voltage will be 230 volts.If you want to incorporate a 120 to 230 volt transformer into the circuit you can obtain 230 volts. The primary side of the transformer will be connected to the 120 volt circuit and the secondary side of the transformer will output 230 volts. The transformer must be sized to the load amperage or the load wattage of the connected 230 volt load.

What breaker size does a 1000w microwave need?

A 1000 watt microwave at 120 volts draws 8.3 amps. Make the circuit a dedicated circuit, use a 15 amp breaker and a #14 copper conductor which is rated at 15 amps to complete the circuit path.

What is a 2 pole 30A circuit breaker?

A 2 pole 30A circuit breaker is a device that is used to supply a 240 volt power source for a device that operates on 240 volts and under 30 amps of current draw

What is the definition of 'volts'?

Volts are the measure of electrical force or pressure that causes current to flow in a circuit. This is related directly to electricity. Voltage is also measured in volts.

How do you measure amperes?

You use an "amp gauge" to measure amps in an actual circuit. It is hooked in series with the load. It can be placed anywhere in the circuit as long as it is hooked in series. Mathematically, you have to know the resistance, or wattage and voltage of a circuit. Volts=amps*resistance or amps=volts/resistance, or resistance=volts/amps. Ohms law!

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