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How do you meet My Chemical Romance?

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βˆ™ 2009-12-09 08:31:27

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backstage concert
well , go to one of their concerts, buy an overly priced backstage pass and your set to go.

2009-12-09 08:31:27
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Will you ever meet your chemical romance?

I'm sorry but you probably won't :) unless you get meet & greet passes

What movie is your chemical romance in?

I don't know about Your Chemical Romance, but My Chemical Romance had a song in The "Watchmen"

Was the black parade by your chemical romance dedicated to anyone?

No, and it's "My Chemical Romance" Not, "Your Chemical Romance".

What are the songs on the latest your chemical romance album?

its MY chemical romance My M-Y MY chemical romance not your

What is the interview with My Chemical Romance where they talk about their favourite Halloween costumes?

hello stupid its MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE not your chemical romance

What Guitar Hero has your chemical romance?

its guitar hero 2 for the xbox ps its MY chemical romance not your chemical romance

Who sings the teenage song?

My CHemical Romance My CHemical Romance

What is Genre is your Chemical Romance?

"MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE" is Alternative rock.

How many people are in your chemical romance?

its My Chemical Romance - and there are 5

When was My Chemical Romance created?

My Chemical Romance was created in 2001.

Where do your chemical romance tour?

Sorry I've never heard of Your Chemical Romance I have heard of My Chemical Romance though :L

When is your chemical romance coming to England and how much will tickets be?

Did you mean 'My Chemical Romance' not 'YourChemical Romance'?My Chemical Romance have already been to England on the World Contamination Tour. They were in London on the 12th February 2011.If you didn't mean My Chemical Romance, I have no idea!

My chemical romance or the Jonas brothers?

my chemical romance my chemical romance. absolutly why is it even necessary asking that question? well i certainly dont know. my chemical romance is just much beter.

What album is sing by your Chemical Romance on?

It's on their new album, Danger Days. And it's My Chemical Romance by the way, not Your Chemical Romance.

Why was your chemical romance black parade banned?

First off, they're called MY Chemical Romance, not Your Chemical Romance, and it isn't banned.

Who composed teenagers by my chemical romance?

The Boys of My CHemical romance composed it

Did your chemical romance perform on New Year's Eve?

its MY chemical romance

How many members are there in your chemical romance?

Do you mean MY Chemical Romance? 4

Has your chemical romance broke up?

no they havent they are just taking awhile to write some more songs and its "my Chemical Romance"not "your chemical romance".

When will Your Chemical Romance be on tour in England?

it wont, caus ethe band IS MY chemical romance it wont, caus ethe band IS MY chemical romance

When was the song famous last words created by your chemical romance?

First of all its MY Chemical Romance. Not your chemical romance. And i believe that it was in 2007 or something

Who is Frankie of my chemical romance?

Frank Iero is one of the guitarists of My Chemical Romance.

When do the your Chemical Romance tickets on sale in uk2009?

its my chemical romance and i don't no sorry

Chemical Romance Autograph Signed?

Check out WWW.AUTOGRAPHSSINGED.COM for Chemical Romance Autographs!!!

Was your Chemical Romance formed in America?

yes they were. Also, it's My Chemical romance