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How do you migrate Pokemon from GBA games to Pokemon diamond?

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you need the national pokedex then go migrate in the menu that you continue from and follow the instructions. then go to pal park and do a catching show.

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How do you get Reggie Ice in Pokemon diamond?

Migrate from GBA games

Pokemon diamond pearl how get kumbuskin?

you must migrate from gba games

Can you trad gba games to ds games?

Yes if you have Pokemon firered and Pokemon diamond for instance you can migrate your firered Pokemon into your diamond version!

How can you trade Pokemon on gba and ds?

it is not possible to trade Pokemon with DS and GBA. you may if you have diamond, pearl, hg, ss, platinum you can MIGRATE Pokemon from GBA games to DS games. this can be done in the main menu under "Migrate From (name of your game)" example: Migrate From Firered or Leafgreen.

When you migrate a Pokemon to diamond or Pearl from emerald can it be traded back and how?

I'm afraid not, once you migrate Pokemon to diamond and pearl they can never be returned to their original GBA games.

Can you migrate Pokemon from gba games to Pokemon Black?

No, you cannot migrate GBA Pokemon to Pokemon Black/White.

How do you get Hoenn starters in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't get them on Diamond, but you can migrate them from a GBA game using the Pal Park, after you have the national dex. just slot both games in the DS, and on the starting screen of Diamond, pick "migrate from Emerald (or whatever GBA game you are using)" and select 6 Pokemon to move from the GBA cart to Diamond. BEWARE! you cannot return the Pokemon to the GBA game.

What Pokemon can you catch in pal park?

When you beat the elite four in Diamond/Pearl you can migrate Pokemon from your GBA games.

How do you transfer Pokemon from Colosseum to Diamond?

if you can connect colosseum to a gba, then trade the Pokemon to the gba game and migrate!

Can you migrate Pokemon gold to Pokemon Platinum?

No you can only migrate from GBA games to DS games.

Where to find mudkip in Pokemon diamond?

you have to migrate it from ruby gba

How do you migrate diamond and sapphire?

You need to complete Pokemon Diamond. At the main menu, insert a Pokemon Sapphire GBA into the GBA slot. Select Migrate from Sapphire and on diamond, catch the migrated species in the Pal Park.

How do you migrate Pokemon from gba games?

you have 2 go 2 pal park then migrate your Pokemon from any gba game

Where do you get a laritar in Pokemon Diamond?

i think you have to migrate it from the the GBA Pokemon games or use a AR or Nintendo event or use the mistery game

How to get ralts in diamond?

you have to migrate it from one of your gba games you cant get it in diamond or pearl

How do you get regi's in Pokemon Pearl?

migrate them from GBA Pokemon games

Can I get a Cynaquil?

You have to migrate your Pokemon from one of the GBA Pokemon games.

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to pookemon diamond?

put the gba game in the gba slot then put diamond in the ds slot and then start the diamond game and don't click on continue adventure, you press the down button and it will say migrate from fire red and there it will let you migrate Pokemon but what ever Pokemon you want to migrate has to be in you party in Pokemon fire red

Can you migrate a glitch Pokemon to diamond or pearl?

no but you can glich a pokemon in the gba pokemon game then migrate that pokemon and it wil make the game frezz

Where can you get a Lugia in pokemon daimond?

Answer: You can't get it in Diamond.You can't get it in Diamond or Pearl. You need to catch it in Emerald, Leaf Green, Fire Red, or other GBA games and then migrate Lugia to Diamond/Pearl. Note: You can't migrate a Pokemon from a GB Pokemon game.

How do you Stock Pokemon to pearl?

Migrate from GBA games

How do you get Lugia in your pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

The only way I know of is to capture one on a gba game migrate it to diamond or pearl and then trade it to platinum. Sorry if you don't have the gba games or diamond or pearl.

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon LeafGreen version to Pokemon diamond version?

yes u can migrate any Pokemon game from gba to diamond pearl or platuim first u have to get the natinal dex the u can migrate

How do you get the migrate Pokemon option when you start is Pokemon Diamond?

You Put in the gba game in to ur ds and start up Pokemon diamond and it should give u the option migrate Pokemon!

How do you get every Pokemon on pokemondiamond?

migrate most Pokemon from gba Pokemon games

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