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Q: How do you monitor daily physical activity?
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What are the daily energy requirements?

physical activity and sda

What is the difference between physical activity and exercise?

Physical activity is activity you do on a daily basis but not necessarily exercising. Such things could be mowing the grass or walking to and from you car.

The recommended daily amount of physical activity is 60 minutes of:?

The recommended daily amount of physical activity is 60 minutes of moderate level activity. Walking 60 minutes is equivalent to approximately 10,000 steps or 5 miles distance.

What methods are often used by an employer to monitor their employees?

Employers often used virtual and physical security cameras to monitor their employees. There exists programs which can monitor activity on a computer along with physical cameras to monitor an employee's work place.

Does Daily physical activity will help your body and the way it deals with stress?

Daily physical activity will help to reduce stress and improve stress management. Physical activity triggers the release of chemicals such as beta-endorphines that make you feel good (like a runner's high) that result in less stress.

How daily physical activity and healthy habits affect the skeletal system?


How much does a person level of physical activity affect its daily energy?

it gets you going

What are the effects of asthma in our daily life?

Irritating cough sputum generation and restricted physical activity

When was Prague Daily Monitor created?

Prague Daily Monitor was created in 2003.

Why is water necessary for physical activity?

Water is necessary not only for physical activities but also for your daily routine. It is very important to your metabolism, in fact it is essential.

You can add up the different activities you do all day long to meet the daily physical activity requirement?


What can one read in the Daily Monitor?

The Daily Monitor is an online newspaper. It features news articles about the life, politics and economy in Uganda. There is also the Saturday Monitor and Sunday Monitor.