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you can not. you have to go in it.

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How do you get past Mrs. Godfrey in detention on Big Nate Island?

Mrs. Godfrey will not let you reach the filing cabinet. You will need something to get her to move. A stink bomb should work. (see related questions)

How do you move the filing cabinet out of the way in Big Nate island?

Once you have the eight comic pieces, and assemble them in the frame from the Klassic Komix guy, you should have Big Nate's locker combination. (Show the comic to the the guy at the store to get some gum.) Open Nate's locker to find the plans that show the room behind the cabinet. Build a stink bomb in the Science Lab and then chew the gum to get detention. Set off the stink bomb and then look at the second drawer of the filing cabinet. It open to go down into the hidden room. (To build a stink bomb in the Science Room, mix the blue and yellow chemicals and heat them.)

What are the controls for the water-ski on big Nate island?

you click to jump and then move your mouse to move your jet-ski.

How do you type in the combination on Big Nate Island?

move the lock with the zero in them and put 9,3,0, and 5

How do you get rid of the bird on the Big Nate island on Poptropica?

you have to move the satellite on the light house with the lobster

How do you use the stink bomb in big nate poptropica?

Take the stink bomb to the school chew some gum get caught go in detention click on the stink bomb and let it sit on the floor go down the filing cabinet to your right get the bell thing shine the light on the light house at the [there is no way to get past it otherwise] put the bell thing on the top the girls will move put a peanut butter cracker were they were standing spitsy will dig there and the time capsule get big nate island medalion.

How do you beat Nate on the jetski on Big Nate island?

Just move as fast as you can, by aiming the mouse cursor at the upper right. Click to jump the obstacles, and slow down to avoid the dropped eggs. As long as you move fast, you should beat Nate even if you hit a few obstacles.

How do you take out the time capsule on Big Nate island on poptropica?

get the girls to move and have the dog dig it up then move your mouse like your trying to take it out

Where is the storeroom on big nate island?

There is a secret room under the Detention Room in the school, and you can get to it through the filing cabinet. When you collect and assemble the comic strip pieces, give them to the guy at the comics shop. He will give you some gum. The strip shows you Nate's locker combination, so open the locker to find the Blueprint. Go to the Science Room and make a stink bomb (mix blue and yellow and heat). Now you can chew the gum, and get sent to detention. Use the stink bomb to chase away the teacher, and move the filing cabinet to reach the room below. The light is by your feet,and the Bell Clapper is hanging from the ceiling.

How do you move the seals and get the map on Big Nate Island?

When you get to the rock. jump on top and push both seals to the left side.

How do you get the paper out from under the rock on Big Nate island in poptropica?

You have to move the seal that is on the right all the way to the left and just click on it

Where is the map on big nate island?

You can see it from the telescope on top of the lighthouse : it is on a seal island just offshore. (to the far right) To get the map, you will need to race Nate on the jet skis. (Move the seals to one side of the seesaw rock to get the map out.) (see related question)

How do you get to the file cabinet in big nate?

first turn on the lights then find the bell thing at the top of the room. When you find it go to the top of the school on use it. Then the girls will move and you can get the treasure with the crackers.

How do you get your filing cabinet drawers back in?

There are a couple of things to try. First, it is easier to try things if the drawer is empty. Look on the track for the drawer in the main cabinet. Sometimes you have to move a lever. Or, there may be a place to put the wheel on the drawer onto the track.

Where is the dog supposed to dig on big nate island?

Underneath the three girls on the playground. He won't dig there though until the girls move. You get them to move by ringing the bell on top of the school.

Where is the map for the time capsule on big nate island?

It's under a rock on a small island off Puffin Point (far right of the island). You need to look through the telescope to see it before going out. Beat Nate on the Jet Ski Race and move the seals left to get under the rock.(see related question)

How do you move the rock off the map on big nate island?

Jump over the seals and push them both to the left side of the rock. It will tilt and you can get the map.

How long after filing bankruptcy can move out of state?

You are not prevented from moving as a result of filing bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is not a crime.

How do you get past the seals on big nate island?

You move the seal on the left to the edge on the left by clicking and holding your mouse. then you move the seal on the right as far as you can left then grav the thing that was under the seals by clicking it.

How do you get the rolled piece of paper in big Nate island under the seals?

first move all the seals on one side and then click the paper which is the map of the treasure

Where do you get the map to the time capsule on Big Nate Island?

You can see it from the telescope on top of the lighthouse : it is on a seal island just offshore. (to the far right) To get the map, you will need to race Nate on the jet skis (see related question). (Move the seals to one side of the seesaw rock to get the map out.) (see related questions)

Does the timer move when you make the stink bomb on big nate?

I have finished Big Nate and no the timer does not run out

How coconuts move from island to island?

Coconuts move from island to island by drifting in the ocean

What do you do after you get the bell clapper on Big Nate Island?

The clapper allows you to fix the bell on top of the school, which is guarded by a nasty seagull. Get him to move and you can fix the bell. (see related questions)

Where are all the pieces of paper on big Nate island poptropica?

All the pieces of paper are floating around the island. They're quite easy to find and are in nearly every place you think of. Once you have them all examine them and move them all into place.

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