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The names of fraternities and sororities are self-selected, and the history behind their names are unique to each organization.

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Q: How do you name a college sorority?
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What is the name of the college of Dwight stifler in American pie?

Its acctully a sorority house on a campus. Its Unknown of the name of the college, but the sorority is called Beta. Or as Bull says BETA BABY!!!

Does lsu college have a sorority?

Yes, many

Is there a greek system at Boston College?

No, there is no Greek fraternity or sorority at Boston College.

What is a sentence for the word sorority?

Ever since she was a little girl, Gretchen knew she wanted to join a sorority when she went to college.

What sorority at Smith College?

There are no sororities at Smith College -- there are houses that all students live in, but they are not sororities.

Can someone give you a sentence with delta in it?

My sorority club in college was Delta.

What was the name of sorority legally blonde?

In the novel, she is a member of Delta Gamma. In the movie and musical, the sorority's name was changed to Delta Nu.

Is jasmine guy a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority?

No, She is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. That is not correct, she is not a member of ANY Sorority. She did not go to college, but attended Julliard's school of the performing arts.

What is Alpha Sigma Alpha?

A sorority that was founded November 15, 1901 at Longwood College

On Friends who played a former sorority sister that Rachel kissed in college?

Winona Ryder

'My friend who goes to college in another state said girls from that sorority are mean that girl we just met Tracy is from the same sorority so I don't trust her' - what type of fallacy is this?

This is an example of guilt by association fallacy, where someone assumes that because Tracy is part of the same sorority as girls mentioned to be mean by the friend, Tracy must also be mean. It is an unfair generalization based on limited information.

Is rosalind brewer ceo of Sam's Club a member of delta sigma sorority?

No. She is member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, initiated by Mu Pi Chapter at Spelman College.