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most broadleaf pesticides are not residual unless over applied. what was the pesticide?

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What are broad leafed and flowering trees that first appeared in the cretaceous period?

deciduous trees

When broad leafed trees shed all their leaves in fall they are entering a period of?


What type of wood is produced by a broad leafed tree?

Normally hard such as red oak

Do giant pandas live in forests?

Yes, they live in broad-leafed forests with undergrowth of bamboo.

What do leafhoppers eat?

Leafhoppers sip sap from such vascular vegetation as broad-leafed woody and herbaceous plants, grasses and sedges.

What do wild wallaroos eat?

Wallaroos feed on grasses, sedges and forbs, which are low-growing, broad-leafed herbaceous plants.

When broad leafed trees shed all there leaves in fall they are entering a period of WHAT?

Autumn or Fall as some countries call it. :)

How do you kill ragweed?

Use a broad leaf weed killer...or any weed killer.

What does a Tasmanian pademelon eat?

The Tasmanian pademelon, a small member of the kangaroo family, feeds on native grasses and broad leafed plants.

What is a forb?

This term is used mostly in ecology or botany. A forb (or phorb) is an herbaceous, flowering, broad-leafed plant. It is distinguished from the monocot grasses.

What does a rhea eat?

They are omnivorous and prefer to eat broad-leafed plants, but also eat seeds, roots, fruit, lizards, beetles, grasshoppers, and carrion.

Who is a gun killer?

We need more information to answer your question. It is too broad to answer.

How do wallaroos hunt?

Wallaroos are herbivorous marsupials, so they do not hunt. They graze on grasses, sedges, tussock grasses and forbs (low-growing, broad-leafed herbaceous plants).

What groups of trees are there people keep telling me different things for example someone said Evergreen and deciduous another person said something with the word broad leaf or something?

There are two main types, evergreen and deciduous. Broad leafed is just another term for deciduous.

Is oak monocot or dicot?

Monocots and dicots are divided based on the presence of one or two cotyledons. Oak trees fall into the latter category, as well as a number of other broad-leafed trees.

How does running cattle and sheep together cut overgrazing?

Overgrazing of plant species is decreased because the cattle eat the grasses while the sheep eat broad-leafed weeds, forbes, and shrubs.

Is balsa wood soft or hardwood?

Although the wood of a balsa tree is soft, balsa is a hardwood. Broad-leafed flowering trees are hardwoods. Conifers are softwoods. See Wikipedia for more information about balsa.

What plants are found in the betta fish habitat?

They are reputed to live mainly in the Rice Paddies, so Rice would be one of them Floating species is the Ceratopteris species also come from the Far Eastern Tropics so they would be there in both the fine leafed and the broad leafed types forms. There would also be a number of other water plants like Aponogeton, Sagitaria and Vallisnaria.

What does the Bridled Nail-tail Wallaby Eat or feed on?

The bridled nailtail wallaby's favoured foods are non-woody broad-leafed plants, chenopods (low-growing succulents such as pigweed), flowering plants and grasses.

Why dont lawn weed killers kill the grass?

Lawn weed killers do not kill grass because the chemical in that lawn herbicide has been developed so that it only targets broad-leafed plants like dandelions and not grass.

How do you kill large weeds in large areas?

That depends on what kind of weeds they are. If they are "broad leaf" weeds, you can use a herbicide like Killex that is for broad leaf weeds only. That means that it won't kill your grass. If it is a mixture of broad leafed weeds and grassy weeds, and you aren't worried about killing your lawn (as in you want to kill everything that's there), you can use a broad spectrum herbicide like Roundup. There are also soil sterilizers out there, but if you use one of those, be prepared that you won't be able to plant ANYTHING there and expect it to grow for at least a year, possibly more.

Breeding pair of angelfish one is now fat is she pregnant?

Angelfish (Pterophylum sp.) do not get pregnant they are egg layers and deposit their eggs on a broad leafed plant or PVC tube provided (sometimes the aquarium glass). Then they look after the eggs and fry until the fry are independent.

In Killer Angels what is the ground west of Gettysburg like?

The land West of Gettysburg is rolling hills, with the ridges going from Northeast to Southwest, with broad valleys in between.

If catcus was taken from it habitat and put it in a rainforest?

The cactus would not survive. If not insects, animals, or fungus that would attack it, the lack of sunlight and overabundance of moisture would kill the cactus. On the other hand, if you took a broad-leafed jungle plant and put it in the desert, it would not survive there, either.

What do wallaroos eat?

Wallaroos usually live in rocky slopes of the high country where they will hide and rest during the day and come out to eat grass and small shrubs at night. Wallaroos particularly like grasses, sedges, tussock grasses and forbs (low-growing, broad-leafed herbaceous plants).