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Here are just a few ways that you can tell if someone likes you: -constant eye contact -blushing when you are around -always seems to "accidentally bump in to you" -their friends ask questions about who you like -flirting -changes his or her attitude around you (mean around friends, soft and gentle around you) -when talking they will be touching you (your face, hands)

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How do you now if someone likes you?

you can tell by their face.

Does Chinen now have a girlfriend Or he likes to someone?


Someone likes this guy and she doesn't now if he likes her how can you tell?

The easiest thing to do is to go talk to him.

If you like someone that used to like you and likes your best friend now and there cousin likes you and your best friend likes his cousin what do you do?

You have to tell them

How do you figure out if someone likes you?

you can now if some one like you if he/she will care for you........

Who is the worst rapper right now?

That is a matter of opinion. It depends on the style someone likes.

How you now when someone likes you?

You can tell if someone likes you if they are: 1.Flirting with you 2. Teasing you 3. Acting wierd when you're around 4. Calls you 5. You are mentioned alot in his/her conversations with friends

What do you do if your crush likes someone else and that someone likes them back?

Wish them well and move on.

What do you do if you like a guy and you know that he likes you but you waited to long and now he has a girlfriend?

Find someone else, he's a jackass.

How can you tell if someone truly likes you?

you can tell if someone likes you by the way they act when they are around you and stuff.

How do you get a boy who used to like you but now likes someone else back?

If he's into someone else then you've missed your chance. Maybe he'll break up with her later, but don't count on it. For now your out of luck. Move on.

Should you tell someone if you like them?

if the person likes u and u no it u should tell them u like them well theres someone who likes me and i like them and i waited awhile and they asked me out and now we are an awesome couple!! Yes you can tell me 😊

Know if someone shy likes you?

If someone likes you and he or she is shy, first find out if that person really likes you. If that person likes you then try to ask that person out. I'm sure it will be fine.

What do you do when your ex boyfriend still likes you but you like someone else?

Tell him straight up. It won't work right now

What is a good nickname for someone who likes to read?

readery We used to call them "bookworms". That may be a little old fashioned now.

What should be done if someone likes someone else a lot and was great friends with him but now has no classes with him and barely sees him at all and wants him to ask her out?

Find a new god.

How do you know if a younger woman is attracted to you?

You now when someone likes you when someone like you because the say they hate you and they keep messing with you like bumping into you huh leave me alone

If someone gets shy when someone mentions your name does that mean they like you?

well it can mean two things he likes you or he knows someone who likes you.

What if 1 girl likes a guy but the guy likes someone else?

Stand out and talk to the girl he likes. Get close to him and talk and smile have humor around him and be yourself. Trust me,me an my boyfriend Dylan used to have these problems but all is well now. , Bye! :)

What is Nel to ichigo?

someone he cares for but not someone he likes

What does it mean if a girl tells you that she likes you but that she also likes someone else?

She wants to keep you on the back burner in case she can't be with the other guy, in other words your now a fall back guy

Who does Justin Bieber like right now?

Justin Bieber likes Beyonce',but he says he will fall in love with someone that he likes very much,one day.So don't worry,you still have a chance!:)

If you have asked a girl out twice but she said no what should you do now?

You need to go find someone who likes you as much as you like them so you should find someone who perfect for you. Good Luck!

What can you do if you like someone and they kinda like you too but this person also likes someone better?

you can talk to the other person and talk to him and go from there it is better to tell him now for him to find out later

What is funer sonic or mindcaft?

That really depends on what a single person likes. I someone likes sandbox games, Minecraft. If someone likes challenging platformers, Sonic.

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