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The credit bureaus can offer information on what to do to imporve your credit history, as can credit card comapnies and many government publications. Unfortunately, there isn't really a way to "repair" you credit so much as develop practices to protect your rating and improve your credit score through paying debts and not incurring new ones. BEWARE of any "credit repair" offers. They are a scam and sometimes illegal. Your credit history is simply a reflection of your spending habits. Nothing more, nothing less. Act responsibly, live within your means and your credit history will slowly get better and better.

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Q: How do you obtain a credit repair kit?
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How do you obtain a credit repair license?

There is no license required to perform Credit repair. Consider becoming a member of a trade association that regulates the credit service industry. Credit Consultants Association is such an organization.

Where can I find credit score advice online for bad credit repair?

You can obtain a free credit report from Experian once per year for free. If you try to obtain a credit report and they charge you, you may have inquired about one already.

What credentials does an instructor need to teach a credit repair course?

In order to teach a credit repair course you would need a CEU certificate. Classes to obtain this certificate can be taken online.

Does offer credit repair? is a site in which you can order a free credit report. This is great information to obtain for your own records and security. They do not offer free credit repair. This would need to come from a different provider.

What exactly is the?

The "Aqua Credit Card" is a credit card that helps repair bad credit. It is often used for people who obtain a poor credit score.

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Lexton law credit repair, and blue sky credit repair.

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how do i obtain a secondary credit number

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Where can one obtain information on how to repair a bad credit score?

CREDITREPAIR.DEALS CreditRepair are experts in the credit repair field and helps individuals meet their credit goals. CreditRepai process has been been developed, refined and proven over many years and thousands of customers

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Is credit repair illegal?

Credit repair is LEGAL. You may have heard some mention that credit repair is actually illegal; but the fact of the matter is there is nothing illegal about credit repair and disputing inaccurate information about your credit file. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) actually encourages people to dispute inaccurate information.

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What are some good books for someone who wants to repair their credit?

Check these out: Credit Repair: What the Credit Industry Doesn't Want You to Know by Richard L. Dimaggio Credit Repair Made Simple by Brian Eichhorn How about this book? The Guerrilla Guide to Credit Repair: How to Find Out What's Wrong With Your Credit Rating-And How to Fix It by Todd Bierman, Nathaniel Wice Good Luck!

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Where can one obtain Dun and Bradstreet credit reports?

One can obtain Dun and Bradstreet credit reports through the company's website. One can obtain a Credit Evaluator Plus report for $61.99. One can obtain a Business Information Report for $121.99. One can obtain a Comprehensive Insight Plus Report for $151.99. You can obtain D&B credit reports on line at

Where can i get a no credit credit card?

Typically you will not be able to obtain a credit card with out any credit. You are considered high risk and companies do not want to take a chance. But you can contact your banking institute and they can assist you in trying to obtain one. You can get a pre-paid credit card though and that will help you to obtain credit so you can later on get an actual credit card.

Where can I obtain information on the quickest and best way to repair credit?

This is one of the best company Iโ€™ve found to help a ton of people rebuild their credit and I know this works from experience check it out yazing .com/deals/creditrepair/Gdoza2 just take the space out