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we may calculate the economic status of a family through the income of that family or nation state then through putting it i
on the HDI scale of that country.
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How can an illegal immigrant obtain legal status in the US?

Answer . \nUnless the unlawfully present person qualifies under asylee or refugee status he or she cannot apply for legal status within the US.\n. \nThe person must voluntarily leave the US or be deported.\n. \nA foreign national who has resided unlawfully within the US for at least 12 months ( Full Answer )

What was the economic status of the US in 1940?

The status in the early 1940s were horrible because America was just coming out of the great Depression, but as World War II went along the economy grew better and better, so, by the time WWII was over, America's economy was pretty much all good.

What is the economic status of the US now in 2007?

Answer . \nThe U.S. economy as of 2007 is, overall, surprisingly healthy considering that GDP is at a high and healthy level, unemployment is at a perfectly healthy level, non-farm productivity has doubled in the last measured level compared to what it was expected to be, LEI has stayed the same ( Full Answer )

What is the economic status of India?

Well India is experiencing a huge economic boom this year due to it's technology especially in the It sector. There is still a very wide difference between the rich and the poor but the economy has definitely risen and it is expected that we will see great things from India. Humera KAleem SAudi Ara ( Full Answer )

What is Haiti's economical status?

Haiti is generally rated the poorest country in the Americas. If itenjoyed greater political stability it might be able to developtourism as a major source of income. it's status is growing todeveloping country.

What is the economic status of Ethiopia?

The economy of Ethiopia is agriculture based and accounts for about47 percent of the gross domestic product and offers employment toabout 85 percent of the population. At the moment the economy ofEthiopia is fast growing.

How does socio economic status pertain to sex addiction?

My understanding is that the drivers of sex addiction are like for any other addiction: life stress levels, familial taboos about sex, isolation from potential supporters, underdeveloped effective coping skills, and perhaps sexual abuse. None of these are confined by socio economic status.. We are ( Full Answer )

What is the current economic status of Bohol?

Tourism in Bohol . The Central Visayas Regional Economic Situationer for the second quarter of 2008 says that Bohol's tourism industry has contributed to the regional economy. Bohol posted a double-digit increase in tourist arrivals during the period April to June 2008, compared to the the same peri ( Full Answer )

Obtain Agent status with Damac property?

If you feel you have a network of clients who may be interested in investing in Dubai, Egypt, Iraq etc then drop me a line as I am a property consultant for Damac Properties.

What does economic status mean?

Economic status is the status in which you or your family is in, for example, wealthy or poor.

Economic status of Sri Lanka?

Published on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 by The Guardian/UK Sri Lanka's Untold Story The Tamil cause still lives - growing global awareness will ensure Sri Lanka is held accountable for the slaughter of civilians . by Suren Surendiran . Sri Lankan military killed thousands of Tamil civilians over the ( Full Answer )

What is the economic status of Brazil?

As of 2013, the economic status of Brazil was a stunted economy.The economy had been affected by a number of factors includingprotests in the streets and others things.

How do you write a paragraph about economic status of India?

WikiAnswers will not write your paragraphs for you, but we WILL help you learn how to do it yourself! Click on the Related Questions for even more information. . Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write down what you would say. What would you tell ( Full Answer )

Economical status of Sri Lanka?

The economic status of Sri Lanka has just been dropped to a double AA rating,as recently as 6 days ago.

How does socio-economic status influence individual behaviour?

First off socio-economic status? man? woman? influence there is none when it comes down to economic status,,,either your a rich individual or a poor individual...I see no in between we were all created equal.....diabolical18....LIVE every breath as though its your last for there is and isn't a gaura ( Full Answer )

What was the economic status of the us in 1961?

The economic status of 1961 was a recession. This was because of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis going on at that time. Do not take my complete word for it because that is what a website said. I just had a school project, was bored, and decided to type what this website told me.

What is the socio economic status?

socio economic status refers to the social and economic status of a person or group. eg. social: man/woman, age, location economic: job type, income, etc.

What was Britains economic status after World War 2?

The Second World War economically devastated the United Kingdom. The huge expenditures involved in prosecuting the war meant that by the conclusion of the war Britain was financially bankrupt. Britain's economic collapse after the war was a leading reason for the grant of independence, and increased ( Full Answer )

Economic status of Britain before World War 2?

Immediately prior to WW1 Britain is inits pomp. By the advent of WW2 Britain is still a very big Nation indeed, although seen to be in decline. The aid which the Empire & Commonwealth that Britain enjoys are crucial to its success at this time

Britain economic status before World War 2?

Britain and the entire UK had not recovered from the Great Depression. So when they had to go to war against Germany it became an even greater strain on the people. After the war was over they had to pay the US back for loans and they remained on rations for 10 long years. It took them that long to ( Full Answer )

What is the economic status in the Middle East?

The Middle East has a number of different economic levels depending on country. Some of the countries, like those in the Gulf region use their oil-wealth to build modern infrastructure and have a high level of inequality between the rich emirs and the average population. You have places like Oman wh ( Full Answer )

What was the profession and economic status of Hitler's father?

He was a government worker, a civil servant. Specifically, he was a Customs Official, collecting import duties at the border. This was a secure job but not very well paid. His economic status would have been lower middle class-middle class. He was also apparently a domineering drunkard.

What is Irans economic status?

The real economic status of Iran is close to collapse. the factories and companies are collapsing in a domino effect because of sanctions, corruptions, and flight of capital and advanced labour force from the country. The only income is the decreasing oil exports of iran, and that is a matte of time ( Full Answer )

How does education affect economic status?

Studies have shown that there is a inverse correlation between educational level and unemployment rate. For example, in 1992 (yes, that was a long time ago) the rate of unemployment for high schools drop out were at least 12% while the same rate for Masters and Dotoral degree earners were only 2%. ( Full Answer )

What was the Souths economic status during the civil war?

It got steadily worse, as the Union's naval blockade took effect. This meant that the South could not export its plentiful cotton in exchange for the war supplies it needed. And the South had almost no industry - the legacy of years of 'King Cotton', with the big famers discouraging their sons fro ( Full Answer )

What is the economic status of your country?

My country is the United States. The gross domestic product of the US is the largest of any country, but our GDP growth rate is considered slow at 1.7%. Also, the US's external debt is about 103% that of its GDP, but this is expected to drastically change by the beginning of 2013, when the US will m ( Full Answer )

How does Mexico's economic status help or hurt its economic system?

Mexico is an "emerging market", "developing country" or "newly industrialized country". As such, many regions within the country have a quality of life equivalent to those of Western Europe, whereas there are other regions with education, life expectancy and economic advancement equivalent to Sub-Sa ( Full Answer )