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Get the best pokeballs and go search for it.

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What is the rarest legendary Pokemon?

The rerest legendary Pokemon in any of the games is mew and arceus

What is the rarest Pokemon card in 2011?

Zoroark an the legendary Pokemon

What are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

i think all of the legendary Pokemon in that game or someting

Whats the rarest Pokemon?

By far, they have said Celebi is the hardest/rarest Pokemon to obtain outside of Japan.

What is the rarest Pokemon you can catch on diamond Pokemon without migrating?

THE MOST RAREST AND MOST LEGENDARY is arceus, but that takes a lot of time 2 get

What is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum version?

Giratina, Because it is on the front of the box.

What is the rarestest Pokemon ever?

The rarest Pokemon is a shiny legendary Pokemon holding a really rare item.

What are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Fire Red?

the ones there are only one of such as the legendary bird pokemon, and the ones you get in events

What is the rarest Pokemon in SoulSilver?

There is no single rarest. All of the legendary are rare. (ex: lugia, latios, groudon, mewtwo, etc.)

Is growlithe a legendary Pokemon?

In the original Pokemon they paired Growlithe/Arcanine up with the legendary birds. But no, Growlithe is not a legendary Pokemon; it's just probably the rarest Pokemon in all of the games. And Arcanine is badass enough to be a legendary :) Hope that helped--Taylor

Pokemon platinum whats the rarest Pokemon?

well of course arceus but u can only get it on a wifi event

How do you cacht a feebas in Pokemon platinum?

It is the rarest of all non-legendary Pokemon it is ultra rare but you can get it at mt.Cornet where the foggy place is with water fish with super rod. do u surf and fish or do u just fish off of the land?

How do you get the Draco plate in Pokemon platinum?

its the rarest thing in the underground also it behind the Pokemon statue in Eterna City

Is uxie a rare Pokemon?

Uxie is indeed a rare Pokemon appearing only once in the games it can be caught in. Uxie is part of a classification of Pokemon called Legendary Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon are the rarest Pokemon and can only be caught once per game they appear in.

What is the Rarest Poke'mon in Pokémon Platinum?

the rarest Pokemon in ANY game is Arceus. also i would say evee and ditto, gible but mainly arceus

How can you get the Pokemon Celebi?

Celebi is a very difficult legendary to obtain. It happens to be the rarest and most events were held in Japan only. In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you'll need to transfer Celebi from either Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen. For the Generation III games, you could get a Japanese bonus disc for Pokemon Colosseum and link your GBA to the Gamecube to get your Celebi. The disc is rare and possibly pricey today.

What is the rarest non-legendary Pokemon?

Starter Pokemon. you can only get them onc. In Pokemon red, if you go onto the left side of cinaba island there is a Pokemon called no. something.

Which is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Vortex?

there is no rarest Pokemon you have to train and train and including shinies there is no real rarest Pokemon at all.

What grass types are there in Pokemon platinum?

there are lots ! there is bulbsaur weepingbell and lots the most rarest is poison type

What is the rarest Pokemon on Pokemon pearl?

the answer is rayquaza,groudon,kyogre,and deoxys because you cant even get them on pearl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol hope this helpsPokemon masterarceus is the rarest Pokemon, because you can only obtain it by way of a Nintendo event, and it can change types if you make it hold different plates (you get them in the course of the game)bookpuddingPS to Pokemon master- after you obtain the nat. pokedex, you can migrate those Pokemon from the gameboy advance gamesif you mean rarest then the answer is palkia.(how do you not know that)

World's rarest pokemon card?

legendary mew card in special edition mint is the rarest pokemon card out my brother and cousin had one there is more then one but its really hard to get and they dont sell them anymore maybe on ebay though

What is te rarest Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The rare Pokemon in this game are Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, but Mewtwo is the rarest. what about the legendary dogs entia and the other too you get then to if you have a charmander then it is the suicune if you got the bulbasur then it is entia if you got squirtle then it is riako and there is hoho and lugia and deoxys but you need mystery gift for those three you don't need it for the legendary dogs. bye brittani bell :).

On Pokemon Emerald do you need cheats to get the rarest Pokemon?

No, you do not need cheats to get the rarest Pokemon. The only way to get the rarest Pokemon without cheating is to go to a Nintendo Event, held every few years or so, and download the rarest Pokemon there. Otherwise, you would need cheats to get the rarest Pokemon.

What is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The rarest Pokemon in Pokemon leaf green is Mew. To obtain mew u Must beat the elite 4 three times then u go to the spot where u got mewtwo and about 0.1111 chance u will find mew. Good Luck:)

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