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1. Take out the power window switch. 2. After removing the switch, lift up on the door panel, then pull out.

It cost alot of money to get the dealer to change the window regulator. The regulator itself cost $250 at a local car parts store. I found that you don't need to replace the regulator; once you're inside the panel, you can place a house window lock clamp where the vertical bar inside the door meets the plastic piece that slides on the vertical bar. This will disable your window or inactivate it. If you want to get it to work go to the dealer. To get the door panel off, just remove the window switch by taking a flat head screw driver and slipping it under the edge closer to you; you'll find a metal clip as you lift up and pull out. You'll have to disconnect the wire conection. After this you are on easy street; really!. Now take a flat head screw driver and start prying from the bottom of the door panel and pull towards you. The plastic tab inserts that hold the panel in place slip in and out with teeth that grab the door itself. Don't worry about breaking them as you pull. 3 at the bottom 2 on each side and one on the right middle. Just pull the panel straight out. When putting it back on, it slips right back on. Pretty easy.

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Q: How do you open a rear door panel on a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville?
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