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Minimize the first window and double click on your browser icon to open a new one. You can also right click a link and select "open in new window." If you are using internet Explorer, go to the top left of the screen and left-click File. Then select New in the drop-down, then Window from the selection list that appears. This will open a new browser window with the same webpage. Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers: Press CTRL+N.

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Q: How do you open a separate or additional browser session if you have one running?
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How do you open a separate or additional browser session if you alrady have one running?

Click on your browser icon again, now you have 2 sessions open, click again and 3 sessions are open. Simple enough.

Describe exactly how to open a separate or additional browser session if you already have one running?

Click on the internet explorer button on your desktop/toolbar to open up an additional browser. If you want to view a link in a different browser, right click on it and select "open in new window"

How do you open a separate or additional browser session if you already have one running?

If you want 2 browser windows open using the same browser? Click on File > New > Window.If you want 2 browsers open, just open both. Simple.I only use Netscape and IE and these work for both. I don't know about other browsers like Opera or Firefox.AnswerA very useful shortcut key is pressing Ctrl + N (new) while having the active browser window (the window you want duplicated). A new browser window will open up in a cloned fashion. Answer(cheesytacos)It depends on the browser but in most browsers, there is the Ctrl+N shortcut which starts a new session of what ever browser you are using. Or, you can press file and select new from the drop down menu. But browsers like GoogleChrome and ChromePlus have a settings menu in the top left corner of the browser that shows the option.*Note: this answer is based on computers running Windows. I do not know about Macs.

What is session.cookie secure?

Session cookie secure is a kind of software sent to the user's browser from the browsing website, to secure your data. Session cookie is a temporary cookie .When the user closes the browser, web browser automatically deletes the session cookie.

What variables are maintained while the browser is opened?

Session Variables

Define sessions in aspnet?

ASP.NET automatically creates a session for each unique browser connection to your application. You can access the session through the Session[] collection in any System.Web.UI.Page object.

What is the feature to prevent the browser from storing data about your browsing session?

inprivate browsing

How do you logg out of Evony?

There is session management within the Evony application. Closing the browser Window will automatically "logout" of the game and end the session. There is no built in logout button.

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A text only browser such as LYNX is a browser that runs in a terminal window or command session. It skips and will not display any graphics. It is/was used by some, especially on slow dial up lines, when you needed information but weren't concerned about pictures.

Why didn't internet explorer reopen your last browsing session?

It could be because your browser didn't crash. It reopens generally after a crash.

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When i am trying to access the session item it is giving me null exception. but to my knowledge the session is not expired how to encounter this?

Assuming that your browser has cookies turned on, and sessionStateMode is not "off" in your web.config... The Session object is not always available on a page or in the Global.asax. When a request comes in, it contains an ASPNetSessionID value in a cookie. This is used to obtain a reference to Session state. In Global.asax, the Session object will not be available until the Application_AcquireRequestState event. In standard page requests, session state should be established by the time the Init event fires, it will not be availabe in the page constructor.

Difference between Cookies and Session in AspNet?

* The main difference between cookies and sessionsis that cookies are stored in the user's browser, and sessions are not. This difference determines what each is best used for.* A cookie can keep information in the user's browser until deleted. If a person has a login and password, this can be set as a cookie in their browser so they do not have to re-login to your website every time they visit. You can store almost anything in a browser cookie. * The trouble is that a user can block cookies or delete them at any time. If, for example, your websites shopping cart utilized cookies, and a person had their browser set to block them, then they could not shop at your website. * Sessions are not reliant on the user allowing a cookie. They work instead like a token allowing access and passing information while the user has their browser open. The problem with sessions is that when you close your browser you also lose the session. So, if you had a site requiring a login, this couldn't be saved as a session like it could as a cookie, and the user would be forced to re-login every time they visit.

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How-to clear the session values from the jsp page?

session.invalidate() . But you need to refresh page to take effect. Note that generally that the session truly ends only when the browser window closes. The six most commonly used methods to invalidate a session are • Calling HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(int secs) method, explicitly setting how many minutes the session will last. • The session will automatically be invalid after a certain time of inactivity (Tomcat default is 30 minutes). You need to remember that this 30 minutes is not a hard and fast rule for all servers. It might vary from one server to another and is configurable. So you can have it configured to last 25 mins in your server and I can have it to last 20 mins. • The user closes all browser windows. Note that, here the session will timeout rather than directly triggering a session invalidation. • The session will expire when it is explicitly invalidated by a servlet by calling invalidate(). • The server is stopped or crashes. Note that this event might not trigger a session invalidation. A Web container that permits failover might persist the session and allow a backup Web container to take over when the original server fails. • You can set the default timeout in the web.xml file ().

Which feature is used prevent the browser from storing data about your browsing session?

In google chrome you can use 'Incognito mode' that will automatically delete your browsing history when you have finished. In other browsers, you can do this manually by telling the browser to delete history, cache, cookies and site plugin data. You can tell your browser not to store cookies however this will mean you will be unable to log in to any site.

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What is the protocol originally designed for IBM to provide transport and session layers services for applications running on small homogenous networks?