How do you open a winmail.dat email attatchment?

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When an end user sends an email from a Windows Exchange or Outlook client, a file attachment called Winmail.dat may be automatically added to the end of the message.
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What are the risks of opening an email attachment?

The risk is the spread of malware. Malware is anything that affects the functionability of your system or executes commands that are not wanted by the user. You can get anything from viruses to trojans to worms, spyware, adware, grayware. The best way to help avoid these dangerous attachments is to ( Full Answer )

Cannot open your email account?

Make sure you have th eright password and username. Be 100% sure your password and username is correct.

Is it legal to open others email?

Answer . it depends on the type of mail. if it is confidential then it is. if its just a regular letter in the mail, then why not. but its better u do not open it because it is not yours

Opening email attachments?

Only open email attachments from know senders.Also have a good anti virus program and scan all exe,rar ,zip attachments from everyone

How do you open your emails inbox with out opening a message?

IF you are using MSN, at the top right hand corner there should be a tab that says INBOX so click on that instead of the message. And if it says that you have new messages, click on inbox and at the bottom on the drop down thing that happens when you click on it, go to the GO TO INBOX button. If you ( Full Answer )

How do you open up your AOL email?

Well you go on the main website, then you go on mail. then you click on sign in and u write ur email address and password. Then you see ur mail and you click on new mail. u can make different folders for different people, well that's wat i did. by the way i am 8 years old and i now this!!

How to open downloads that are email attachments?

It depends on what program or webmail service you're using. Most webmail services will automatically display any email attachments that are images directly in the email itself. If it's some other file type, you need the appropriate program or software to open the file, such as an audio player for mp ( Full Answer )

How can you prove someone has opened my emails?

Normally you can prove it by color difference, when you open a e-mail from the inbox it goes from white to a dark grayish color depending on the e-mail provider you use.\n. \nAnd if you dont remember clicking on that e-mail and its gray not white which gray means read, then you know someone is read ( Full Answer )

How to open my email from Yahoo messenger?

There is an emailbutton just on the upper right corner, it shows an envelope. Click on it and your emails should open in your webbrowser.

How can you tell if emails were received and opened?

If you mean how can you tell if someone else received your email and they opened it then, I am pretty sure that you can't know. I think you have to directly contact them if you want to know if they opened it and read it. If you mean it in another way, then sorry I don't understand what you mean!

How can you open an email?

dear sir. this is hari prasad from sonepat belong from Nepal. i wanna search the no.of aamir khan coz i m his best friend. & wanna to talk with whole night. so if its possible pls provide me asap. thankx. hari prasad

How do you open your Email?

Go to the E-Mail Site in which you registered go to account logintype in your E-Mail address & password and it should bring youright to your inbox:)

How do you open an attatchment win 98?

I've never run across this many incomplete questions in one night. Open an attachment in what program running under Windows 98? Why are you running 98 anyway?

How you open email id?

You go to whatever your email is like you would go to and sign in

Why opening a attached email dangerous?

It can be dangerous because there might be a virus or malware (something that is bad for your computer) attached to the file in the email.

How do you convert winmail.dat files to Excel files?

Winmail.dat files are just for use by Microsoft Outlook, to help retain an email's look in terms of formatting, like colours, font sizes etc. They are not for use in Excel and have no relevance to it.

How do you open an email account on Juno?

Below is a link to the sign up page. I haven't used it, but personally I would advise against it. There are much better sources for free email from sources not trying to sell you extra services without all the questions. Juno is web mail which no one needs just to use email services.

How do you open a Email?

To open an Email you first have to go to the Yahoo/hot mail or g-mail Log-in Page.There then you have to enter your User name and Password to Log in. Once Logged in you enter to your Email contents page.From Email's content page just left click on INBOX-Menu, it will ultimately take you to your Emai ( Full Answer )

What does attatchment mean?

attachment means to be really close to that person and that you feel a spark

What is the Dangers of opening email attachments?

What are the risks to open an attachment? The main problem with emails comes from using email attachments. While email attachments represent a useful addition to email functionality, as a way to send files via email, they are also risky due to the fact that email attachments can contain ( Full Answer )

How can you open your email address?

Sign up for a free account on hotmail, yahoo, google (gmail) or gmx mail,. Then just create shortcut to your desktop. (right click & select) when you are on login page then log in with your password when you want in.

The dangers of opening an email attachment?

Opening attachments in e-mail with different benefits and non-benefits. The advantages of opening attachments in e-mail is being seen differing farm types of media has been driven by Grind or company. The advantages of opening a non-attachment in an e-mail is virus or malware on your computer by "Ph ( Full Answer )

What are the 5 risk of opening a email?

There are many common risks when you receive or open attachments. Email attachments represent useful information and documents. But they could also contain binary attachments like executable files. This type of emails attachment can be dangerous because they may be worms, Trojans or other viruses wh ( Full Answer )

What is a Email attatchment?

A separate file that you can send along with the email that can be easily saved into the receiving computer and opened.

How do you open or unblock a email box?

First of all, I have to know which website (e.g.: Gmail, Yahoo) or carrier of phone (e.g.: Version, AT&T, T-Mobile) you are viewing the message from.

How do you open a PowerPoint emails?

you should be able to just click on it but in order to watch them you have to have the same PowerPoint program as the person that sent it to you

Can a coworker open your email?

They aren't supposed to, but if they have your password they can. And just so you know, if it is company e-mail, the company can legally read your e-mail, so be careful what you have in there..

Why can t open email attachments?

It might be because your computer does not have the correct software and can't get a specific attachments or the attachment could be faulty. If you update your software and check that the attachment doesn't have viruses on it then give it a go. If not it would be best to consult a expert.

How do you open youtube email?

Click at the top in the right corner and go to inbox and click the text not the username

How can you find out if an email has been opened?

Normally you cannot, but, if you use google chrome and Gmail you can get this thing called Boomerang. You can set it so if the person doesn't open the email in blank amount of time it will send it back to you but other than that I don't think you can see if somebody has opened an email. for outl ( Full Answer )

How do you open up the email?

If you have gmail you just go to google and click on the gmail tab at the top. I think it's the same for yahoo mail.

What are the dangers of opening attachment in a email?

You could get a computer virus, spyware, a keylogger, or other malicious software. In addition, malware can occasionally compromise your security and leak personal information about you. If you have your bank account number or banking site password in a file and you unknowingly install a program to ( Full Answer )

How do you know if someone opens you email?

Most email services have a tag for each email that states if the email is "Read" or "Unread". If an email is there that you know you haven't read, but it is marked as read, someone may have hacked your account and read it.

How exactly does one open an email?

The exact procedure to open an email starts by first signing up for an email service such as Yahoo. An email address will be created and the user may start to send and receive emails. When an email is received one simply clicks on the email subject and the message will open for reading.

How can one open a spring email?

To open a spring email, one must have the code installed in ones computer which can be installed manually. Spring framework provides a good combination of email and images, that run off of java applications.

How can you open a address email?

Go to the website (I recommend gmail) , then you'll see "create" and then there just follow the instructions &' BAM! :)

What are the factors to consider when opening an email?

There are some basic factors which every recipient should consider while opening an email such as Email Address (From whom we received email), Date & Time, Subject of Email, Name of other recipients (in the CC, BC fields), Attachment with email message.