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As far as I know, the latest is CS6 or CC - there is no CS8 yet! If you mean Photoshop 8, then I have some bad news - the latest camera raw plugin is only compatible with CS6. Older versions of photoshop may have older versions of the plugin shipped with them, but these will not be compatible with newer cameras. Also, Photoshop 8 is rather old, I am not even sure that it has any support for the RAW format whatsoever.

In any PS version you should be able to open the file as you would any other. It will open up the RAW file screen where you can further edit any coloring or temperature of the photo before opening it to edit directly in Photoshop.

2016-01-09 18:57:31
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Is adobe Photoshop cs version 8 compatible with os x 10.6.3?

Adobe Photoshop CS8 most likely WILL BE compatible with OS X, the most current version CS6 is compatible. At this time my crystal ball is malfunctioning, so I can't look into the future to check for you, sorry.

Is Dreamweaver CS6 better than CS8?

Dreamweaver CS6 is the best choice. This is the software which is very helpful and has expanded my business within short time. It's advanced features has proved to be very useful. I have recommended it to all my colleagues. -

Dng in Photoshop CS?

DNG is free open source format which is useful to convert raw files to DNG and keep all features because every camera manufacturer have its own different format. DNG files you can open in Camera Raw Photoshop plugin which comes with Photoshop installation. Find photo in Bridge and double click it or use Ctrl + R. From Camera Raw you can open it from Open button at right bottom of Camera Raw window (Shift + click) to open as Smart Object.

How do you install raw converter to Photoshop CS4?

You can double click on image in Bridge and it will open in camera raw plugin,there you can work with picture or just save it in other format,press open image and it will open in Photoshop then go to save,save as or save for web and device and save in format you want , or you can open .jpg image in camera raw,right click on image and choose Open in Camera Raw

Can you open Photoshop elements images with Photoshop cs?

Beside PSE You can open any other format that Photoshop Elements have to offer to save image.

How do you change a gif file into something compatible with photoshop?

You can open .gif file in Photoshop, to convert it to another format, first open it in Photoshop then go to Save As and choose another format to save. If you cannot open that file in photoshop then See related link for free online file conversion, convert to png, jpg or tiff and you will open file in Photoshop.

Describe two types of images you can open in Photoshop?

Vector (will be rasterized on open if not saved in Photoshop PDF format) and raster images.

How do you view DNG images in Photoshop CS?

DNG files you can open in Camera Raw Photoshop plugin which comes with Photoshop installation. Find photo in Bridge and double click it or use Ctrl + R. From Camera Raw you can open it from Open button at right bottom of Camera Raw window (Shift + click) to open as Smart Object.

How do you open 3dmax file to Photoshop?

You cannot directly. You have to open it in 3D Studio Max, then save it to a format that is supported by Photoshop (typically you will render it to a jpeg for example), then you can open it with photoshop or ther image editing software.

What format do your photos have to be in for Photoshop?

almost any format:.jpg , .gif , .png are most common but you can open almost any other format

What is the extentions that Photoshop 7 running?

Photoshop 7 just like any other Photoshop, it uses .psd to save, open etc. You can save as other format too.

Which is the best format to shoot 10x12 on a Pentax camera?

Shoot at the highest megapixel rating the camera can do and resize the picture in the computer using software like Photoshop, Corel or GIMP. RAW format is always the best if you know how to handle it.

How can a camera raw file be created in Photoshop?

Open the PSD in CAMERA RAW and then if you need to undertake any editing do so and save it through "SAVE AS" in Camera Raw

Is AI a file format in Photoshop?

Adobe illustrator (AI) is a vector file format to save vector illustrations. It is the default format for Adobe illustrator. Photoshop cannot save the images in to AI format but it can be opened in Photoshop.

How do you edit a scanned picture to size 4x6?

Do you mean how to resize image? First open image from File > Open in Photoshop then go to Image > Image Size. If you want to edit image you can do that regardless of source of that image. Image can be scanned, captured by digital camera, created in Photoshop or any other software available on market. If Photoshop supports that file format (JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG and so on) then you can edit it.

When i tried to upload some photos from my camera it wouldn't let me open them as they were cr2 type files which only open in photoshop can't do that cause your trial ended HELP?

CR2 is a raw image format used by Canon. Google CR2 and you can download a free viewer.

How do you save an image in Photoshop format?

In Photoshop go to File > Save or Save As and check if in Save dialog Format (at bottom of Save window) is set to Photoshop (*PSD, *PDD), if not click on arrow on right side of Format and choose Photoshop (*PSD, *PDD) from list.

When you open an photo the following message ' invalid format or photo can't be view?

then Photoshop do not support that kind of file, format. Or file is damaged. How to save these pictures ?

What is the file extension for a native file format for Photoshop?

.PSD (Photoshop Document)

How do you convert Photoshop items to gimp?

Gimp can open a .PSD file directly, and save it out as it's native format - the .XCF

How do you convert RAW image into JPEG file?

Start Adobe Bridge (you have Bridge on computer if you have Adobe Photoshop CS installed), find RAW image and just double click it to open in Camera RAW Photoshop plugin, then save it as JPEG from Camera RAW.

How do you edit pictures in Photoshop?

Open Photoshop, open your picture in Photoshop from File>Open, then start making changes. Of course if you are unfamiliar with Photoshop, you may want to learn the basics first.

What is file format in Photoshop?

Photoshop's native format is PSD, or .psd File format itself refers to the format a image was saved as.

What is the default format when saving a file readily for editing?

In Photoshop - PSD file format.

What format to use for photo shop?

Recommended format is .psd format which preserve almost all Photoshop capabilities.