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key middle grill then left and right

Hi,I assume that the bonnet is the same as the Connect and Focus?If it is, there is a lock on the bonnet/hood. Either behind the badge or the flip up panel

There is a keyhole hidden behind the Ford logo in the grille Take the transit door key come to the front of the van and look at grill under the bonnet their you will find a place where this key can be inserted and turn this realises the lock and the bonnet will pop open.

open the bonnet (hood) and look to the left hand side of the engine towards the back by the bulkhead.

up key in drivers door then turn from locked towards bonnet twice should unlock doors

Under steering wheel right hnd side

Open the door with your key and pull the bonnet release.

On the bonnet, slide the Ford oval and insert the ignition key into the lock located there

get a flat head screwdriver put it in the hole turn 2 the left thn turn 2 the right

turn ignition key in lock on front grille

The bonnet is opened by the key,there is a rubber cover in the grille,turn key 1 way to release then the other way to open.

the bonnet lever is under the steering wheel it should have a red handle

the Ford badge on the front of the bonnet lifts up to reveal the bonnet release lock. Use the ignition key and turn to position 1, lift the bonnet, then turn to position 2 to fully release

go to the ford badge on the front of the car , slide it up from the right ,insert your car key turn once to the left then turn to the right and the bonnet will open

My Ford Connect bonnet is opened by the main ignition key. There is a sliding plastic cover at the front center below the grill. Insert key and turn to the right, bonnet will click to safe open. Turn key again and at the same time lift bonnet. Remember to remove the key.

Rotate the ford badge on the grille and you should find a lock. Use the cars key to open the bonnet

a long reach screw driver through the grill to release the catch,

Swivel ford badge on front grill, insert ign. key turn clockwise, then anticlockwise. Bonnet opened

Bonnet release on escorts is usually on the underside if the steering column, below the steering wheel. The bonnet will pop and then you have to do the bonnet release catch around the badge on the front grill.

Remove the grill, then undo the bolts under the lock to release the barrell. Using a stubby Phillips screw driver you then undo the lock as if you were using the key to open bonnet. Then just undo the 4 10mm bolts that hold the assembly to slam panel, then refit in reverse.

Open the bonnet. Using a ratchet, remove bonnet latch bolts. Two holes are visible and through these you can see the plastic badge poles, behind the badge. Using the ratchet handle, push upwards through these holes, and lever the badge from the top with a screwdriver. Badge will come off easily.

all you can do is drill it out and use a grinder as well takes around a hour to do big job

my bonnet is stuck fast how can i open it.

if you open the bonnet, look directly down at the catch for the bonnet. it's just on the passenger side of that, next to the headlight.

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