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How do you open the back of an N72?

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Press the button below the lens cover and slide to open. You can refer the manual for the pictured steps.

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How do you open the back of Nokia N72?

Press the back botton and pulled it to-words down side...and it will open..

Nokia n72 is 3g enable or not?

no there is no any way to make n72 3g. I have already a n72.

How can install Malayalam fond in nokia n72?

Malayalam font download N72

How do you connect the bluetooth headset for Nokia N72?

yes it is very easy first open buletooth and connet.

How do you unlock reset nokia N72 lock code?

I am lost lock code.Nokia n72.

Is Nokia n72 3g?

Yes nokia n72 3g mobile hi-fi

Why Nokia 6300 is better then N72?

no the n72 and the N series are heaps good. but the 6300 is heaps more cheaper

What is the os of Nokia n72?


How do you upgrade my nokia N72 softwares?


How much memory supported by N72?


Is Nokia N72 a quad band?


What mobile phone should I buy Nokia 6300 or N72?

You should get the Nokia 6300. The nokia N72 has to many problems. Have you looked at the nokia 6085.

What is the price of a Nokia N72 in rupees?


What is the code for formatting in Nokia n72?

tell me code

Does nokia N72 support windows xp oprating system?


How do you install PC Suite on an N72 via cable?

via usb cable

How do you download Nokia N72 Windows Vista operating system software?


What special features does the Nokia N72 phone offer?

The Nokia N72 offers a 2 megapixel camera, a built-in flash, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0, digital music player functionality and support for 3D Java games.

What are the key features of the Nokia N72?

The Nokia N72 features a 2 megapixel camera, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0 functionality, a digital music player, the ability to play 3D Java games, and the Symbian 8.1a operating system.

Your Nokia N72 phone keypad is not working?

2,3and7,8 bottun kaam nahi kar raha hain

Your nokia n72 bluetooth is not working it show when you connect unable to perform?

bluetooth is showing my phone but not connect to my pc.

Shall we connect the mobile nokia n72 to internet via bluetooth and if the lapi is internet accessible?

pashto sobgs

How do you recover deleted contacts from phone memory N72?

Hi Sir there is no specific software for it. Please don't waste the time

What is the open yard?

open carry in your back yard in massachusetts

I can use the back camera in my Nokia N72 handset by pulling down the shutter but don't know how to use the small camera which is in the top corner on front side. Can anybody help?

that's not a camera but it's a sensor. for example that if its dark then it will on the keypad light.