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To open the door to the basement on Haunted House in Poptropica, you first must get the key which the bat is flying around with. Then use it to unlock the padlock and onpen the door!

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It is where you enter the house. Catch the bat with the key and the basement door to the left of the house will be open.

Climb to the roof and you can jump up and grab the key. The basement door at the left of the house will be open.

The Haunted House is in the Poptropica store. Select the card there, then open it from your item bag, where it is under "Store Items." *The haunted house on Ghost Story Island is to the right of the Inn.

Catch the flying bat to get the key. The lock on the basement door is now open (left side).

The Haunted House was on the island map from October 10 to October 31, 2009. It is now in the Poptropica Store. Get it and you can open it from the "Store Items" list in your item bag.

Get the card from the Poptropica store, and it will be in your Store items. Go left through the graveyard to the house, and you will startle a small bat that has a key. Climb to the roof to grab the key from him, and the basement door (left) is open.

The Haunted House was on the island map from October 10 to October 31, 2009. It has been moved to the Poptropica store. When you have the card, open it from the "Store Items" list in your item bag.

You Use It To Open A Door In The Country Side There Is A House There You Use It To Open The Door ...

us the pomgranites you get near sphinx on the platform next to the door

After you get to the chalice in poptropica, you go over to a chest that contains on of the treasures that you are looking for if you're in the haunted house. To open the treasure, you have to crack the code.

When you reach the house, a small bat flies off with a key. Go on the roof and jump for the bat when he passes.

you open the door of the ship in poptrpoica

Leave the Haunted House through the basement and go right to where you entered, at the far right. There is an open hole (grave) that is the entrance and exit. You will exit to the Island Map, not where you originally came from.

you use the key that the curator gives you on early poptropica and go back to the cottage and open the door with the key

go to the castle or whatever and open the door

you go to the clock in the bedroom up stairs and you click on it you wait a while and hit close and you should get a lantern. Or you go down stairs in the kitchen and you open the freezer door and you click on the ice and that is the ice pack

The curator of the Museum Fantastique summons you to Early Poptropica and gives you a key, which fits the cottage door.

To open Poseidon's door, you have to get the starfish from the museum and put it on the altar.

What you is you sneak to the back garden, and open the back door quietly. But if it is locked climb through the window. *See the related question

There are doors to open on almost every island on Poptropica. Specify an island name and you may find an answer.