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The hood is not controlled by any electrical device, and the battery being dead has nothing to do with opening the hood. Pull the hood latch. Can't find it then read your owner's manual.

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โˆ™ 2005-05-22 02:36:24
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Q: How do you open the hood of a 2004 Toyota Sienna when the battery is dead?
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Toyota Sienna Won't Start?

There could be several reasons why a Toyota Sienna will not start. the most common problem would be a dead battery.

2004 Toyota highlander don't started but jump from other car ok?

Dead battery?

How do you check the speed sensor on a Toyota Sienna?

If your battery leak acid your speed sensor is dead. You need to replace by 89413-08020. Price average is $58.00 - $120.00 (original).

How do you open trunk on 2010 Toyota Prius when battery is dead?

How do you open the trunk in a 2010 toyota Pirus if dead battry

Reason that a 2006 Toyota Highlander will not start?

Dead battery - no gas - ?????

What would cause a 2004 Dodge Durango engine to seize up from a dead battery?

A dead battery would not cause an engine to seize

Locked 2004 odyssey that has a dead battery the key fob will not work because the battery in the car is dead. The alarm will go off and i do not know how to turn it off. what do i do?

If the battery is dead the alarm will not go off

How do you know when an alternator goes out on a Toyota Corolla?

the battery will not be recharged and will soon become inoperable or discharged {dead}

Toyota MR2 wont start clicking noise whentrying What is wrong?

dead battery or bad starter (with the clicking, I'm 95% sure its the battery)

How do you shift a dead automatic transmission on a Toyota sienna into neutral to position it for charging?

get in under the truck and unhook the transmission link and move it towards the back two clicks

How to start a 2000 Toyota Solara after the battery has gone down?

Jump start it from another vehicle or charge the battery. If the battery is bad, replace it. If you jump start it and the battery is dead you will have to wait about 15 minutes with the jump car running and connected to the dead battery, in order to build the battery up enough for it to actually take a jump.

I have a 2006 Toyota Sienna. The battery is dead. I am trying to use our 1996 Toyota Corolla to jump start the Mini-Van. Can a small car jump start a mini-van?

yes you shoud be able to jump your van with the small car you may have to have one person rev your corolla while you turn over the van to get enough voltage to push across

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