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How do you open the regi?

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I's esay is like opennig them in Pokemon ruby version but you need walord and relicanth to open them and for rigirock is right,right,down,down then use rock smash for rigisteel use fly on the middle and for rigice walk around the cave

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When you open the regi caves are they in there?

Yes, but you have to do something to open the room there in

You are in but the door wont open in the regi cave?

you have to walk a special code and then the door will open but first you have to wake up the regi in the fake toom after he is a wake you do the special in the real toom.

What does the braille mean in the regicaves?

It tells you how to open the door to reach the regi inside.

How do you unlock the regi caves in platinum?

You must have the event regigigas to open the gate

How do you catch regi ice regi rock and regi steel?

i do not to know

On Pokemon platinum where do you find regi ice regi steal and regi rock?


Why are wailord and railecant necessary to open caves of regi in Pokemon emerald?

That's what the designers wanted.

Where do you find regi ice regi rock and regi steel in Pokemon emerald?

route 207

How Do You Get A Regi?

You have to get regi rock regi steel regi rock then go to the tempo in snowpoint only(soul silver ,heart gold,dimond ,pearl,and platnium)

Where do you get regi rock regi steel and regi ice on ruby?

One is found in the currents, but you need dig.

How to beat the regi tower?

there is no such thing as the"regi tower"

What legendary Pokemon can you on Pokemon ruby?

I only know Regi rock,regi ice,regi stell and raquaza

When did Regi Siriwardena die?

Regi Siriwardena died in 2004.

When was Regi Siriwardena born?

Regi Siriwardena was born in 1922.

How tall is Regi Davis?

Regi Davis is 6' 2".

How do you catch regi rock regi ic and regi steel on firered?

you don't you must trade from Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby.

What is the code to get regirock in pearl?

you cant you can only get regi rock regi ice and regi steel in Pokemon platinum when you have the national pokedex

In sapphire are there other legendarys besides Reqazia in sky piller?

Kyogre and latias. regi-rock, regi-ice, regi-steel

Is the language Regi or Braille on Pokemon FireRed?

Braille, there is no language called "regi" , regi are the three legendary rock Pokemon and regigigas.

How do you get inside registeels temple on route 120?

Get nat dex then you must get regi rock regi ice and regi steel for it to appear

What is the action replay code to get all 3 regis for Pokemon platinum platinum?

there is no action replay code. you would have to either have goten regigagis from the toysrus event or trade him from Pokemon diamond or pearl to open the three regi chambers. regi steels chamber is one iron island. regi ices chamber is on the part of mount corunet where its snowing. regi rocks chamber is in the desert that lies between the resort place and hetrans volcano. inside the chambers, there on the floor are the eyes of the regi that lives in that chamber. you have to run or walk across the eyes in a certent way to open the wall in the back of the chamber. once in the back room save the game then battle the regi and hope you catch it. when looking for the regis regigagis has to be in your party. so good luck.

Where are the ruins in pokemon ruby?

for regi rock it is in the desert for regi steel it is on route 120 for regi ice it is on route 105 hope that helps:P

What is Regi Penxten's birthday?

Regi Penxten was born on March 4, 1976.

When was Regi Penxten born?

Regi Penxten was born on March 4, 1976.

When was Regi Blinker born?

Regi Blinker was born on 1969-06-04.