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you have to have all three get the knights beat all the bad guys.there are three.

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TO get into the asteroid castle you have to complete the puzzle on the door.

Her room is in the castle. The door on the right is the entrance to her room.

you have to jump on the hands and turn them anticlockwise to open the door hope it helped JESS

The princess is in space being held captive by Mordred in a secrect palace guarded by a puzzel door.

you press all the squares on the second row once then the 2 in the middle on the third row then all on the last row

Go to the library in the castle. Find the odd colored brick at the bottom row by the door. Click.

you go to the library and press on the piece of paper on the shelf.

pull the string in the windmill and your computer will automaticly save then you go outside and turn the windmill arms counterclockwise then the door will open

i had it but forgot it p.s. join my multiverse code:CXB33

you just go to the lair in the thing, Dude!

You have to get the dog to dig up holes at the Playground ( It can be anywhere in the park)

If you are referring to the keycard in Poptropica Counterfeit Island, you use it to unlock a door in the secret lair, which can be found in the countryside. It is locked so you have to find a key.

the coordinates are X-11 Y-83. then you jump up the fortress and click on the key which opens the door to the other galaxy.

You use the decoder the girl gave you and match up the symbols

Don't unscramble it; simply just write: the hub. Hope I helped :D

count the squares and number each on then click the squares with these numbers but they must be in this order 5,6,7,8,10,11,13,14,15,16 hope that helps ;)

A "trap door" is one that opens unexpectedly underneath you. The only such door is on 24 Carrot Island. There are many other door in floors on Poptorpica, such as the laboratory or secret stairway on Astro Knights, the Dragon Face door on Counterfeit, or the secret room on Big Nate Island. None of these are trap doors. (see related questions)

If you've received a paper with space symbols on them, type them in on the fountain in order. Then, go down the rope. Go to the last guy and talk to him. Don't leave, he'll give you a key. That key opens the door by the hay bails.

You go at the very end of the door and click exit. Then you go in the water to the left and click exit and that's how you get out!

you go over to the bars and you see a lever and the little door opens

you can not get the cat away from the door on poptropica you have to jump over it

obtain the small key then go to the stacks of hay , jump on top of them in the middle use the key the door will be unlocked go down the hole ......... and you are in mordred's secret lab

there is no secret door to the snow element yet

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