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How do you paint your nails?

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Open the bottle of nail polish and you will see a brush attached to the lid. Wipe off the drops of nail polish on the side of the inside. Use the nail polish as a paintbrush and paint the polish on your nails. Enjoy!

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Does Angelina Ballerina paint her nails?

She does not paint her nail because she is not allowed to paint her nails and you should not paint your nails if you are under 12.

Did Jesus paint his nails?

No, Jesus did not paint His nails.

What color is the best to paint my nails?


Can you paint your nails?

no you polish your nails

Can you paint my nails?

No do your own nails

How do you paint boys nails?

u just paint them like girl nails

How do you paint your nails black?

you buy some black nail polish and paint your nails with it

What can you use on your nails?

Lacquer paint is popular for nails.

Do the paint on acrylic nails last longer than on your natural nails?

The paint on the Acrylic nail last longer on your natural nails because Acrylic nails are plastic.

How do you get a girl to paint a boys nails?

ask him if he wants his nails painted if that does not work paint them in the midlle of the night.- - - - -I think the person asking this is a boy who wants a girl to paint his nails...and asking girls to polish your nails usually works.

What colors should you paint your nails?

you should paint your nails light blue. You can get blue in the mall or at a salon.

What is the only color Junie B is allowed to paint her nails?

she is only allowed to paint her nails clear

Is it bad to paint your nails with acrylic paint?

yes it is

How do you get your nails whiter?

either stick on fake nails or paint them

If you paint your nails with a sharpie will your nails get stained?

Yes, they will be for a while.

How does Willow Smith do her nails?

Willow smith have some one to do her nails and they paint her nails when they put a sticker on her nails.

Do you polish or paint your nails?

First you paint, THEN you polish... You paint them with nail polish

What color should you paint you nails?

you should paint them blue

How do you apply nail paint?

Paint your nails with the brush from the varnis

Should guys paint there nails?

If they want to, absolutely! Who is anyone to tell a guy they can't paint their nails? Let them be who they want!

What color is your nails?

For the summer you paint your nails pinks, reds. for me i always paint my nails for the mood I'm in. if i am mad or depresed maybe black. pink for if you are happy and flirty.

How do you get a girl to paint your nails?

you dont.

Can you paint press on nails?

Yes you can

What colour does Victoria Justice like to paint her nails?

she loves to paint her nails gold n velcet color true from insider.

How do you paint your nails without getting it everywhere?

paint vertically with your brush

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