How do you pass a urine drug test for THC?

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Many ways to pass a urine test. And there are many variables to consider. You should be aware of your weight and body fat. The fat is where the THC is stored. How much you have smoked is also a factor. But trust me I will tell you how to get rid of it in a matter of hours if not before then. After 13 yrs in the Army with random urine test galore. This is what I used with complete success. If you chose to drink water with a small amount of bleach in it? Many say it will kill you but they are obviously ignorant and still trying to obtain their GED. Many things will work but this one truly works. Look all you have to do is this..........Right before your test drop a couple of fingers in a container of bleach and let it dry. Repeat this several times until your sure its on. And while your taking your test just allow your urine to run over your fingers. Making the bleach come off your fingers and into your test bottle. Pissing on your fingers is not the end of the world. Just wash when your done. I am not here to tell you not to smoke. I am not here to tell you the other methods. I am though telling you what WILL work. I tried many drugs while in Europe over my 13 yrs and this method never failed me.
Good method for home test... But if you have a LAB test - false positive. My advice- use someone else's urine, synthetic urine or detox=masking drinks.
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