How do you pay attention in school without being distracted by your friends?

Go and sit at the front of the class near where the teacher is and don't turn round. Paying attention without being distracted (concentration or focus) is a skill that can be learned and practiced. You might have to tell your friends ahead of time that you do not want them to try to distract you, also - if they are true friends, they will honor your request. One way to practice focusing is to pick a time when you can be alone, and meditate. Focus your eyes and mind on something you can see, like a figurine or picture (no, not the television, heh). Let your mind go blank and just see the item. Whenever you notice a thought pop up, say to yourself, "Stop," and go back to just looking. After you practice this for awhile, you will be good at noticing when you are starting to get distracted, and can tell yourself, "Stop," whenever you are trying to concentrate on something.