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How do you pick up girls?

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Walk up to a girl complament them walk away with a bunch acool kids n she come back n ask a couple qestions n act like your swave n then u got digits

wot if u got bad rep? as in u dont hang out wif the considered "kwl" ppl, and ofcourse if ur shy and cant jus say hey u look hot today? i need helps cos shes basically "a kwl person" and im not.

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Things to say to pick up girls?

If you want to pick up girls, tell them that they look nice, that their hair looks pretty, or that they have a nice smile. These are good things to say to pick up girls.Compliments are the best things to say to pick up girls. All girls like to hear nice things about themselves.

Would I be able to pick up girls at anime conventions?

Yes, you can able to pick up like-minded girls at anime conventions

How do you pick up Japanese girls?

you don't

What is a pick-up artist?

a pick up artist is the guy who wins on the t.v. show the pick up artist on v h 1 they win by completing the challenges to pick up girls they get new looks and they learn to get girls my cousin won season 2

Where do you pick up girls?

Well, mostly at everywhere.

How do you pick up girls on myyearbook?

very carefully

Why do some girls like cheesy pick up lines?

Well as girls get older they kinda start 2 pick up more of an attidude from older girls they know mabye their sisters friend or even a cousin bottom line its just girls growing up?

Does teachers always pick girls?

No teachers do not always pick girls. They mostly pick girls because they think they are sweet and quiet.

How do you pick up girls at a party?

start chatting them up, ask for their number,ask if they like you..

What are good pick up lines for girls to use in order to get a guy?


What are the release dates for How to Pick Up Girls - 2011 In the Coffee Shop 1-4?

How to Pick Up Girls - 2011 In the Coffee Shop 1-4 was released on: USA: 20 May 2011

Pick up lines that work?

I don't think any pick up Lines work these days you pretty much have to break dance into a girls heart

What is the setting when Socs threaten pony and his friends and try to pick up the girls?


Does Justin bieber pick the girls for his music video's?

yes, I believe he does. They pick the girls from modeling agenties.

In girls lacrosse if the team that dropped the ball is the other team allowed to pick it up?


What is the worst pick up line ever?

Goofy and self deprecating, this pickup line could work with bookish girls and actual teachers. 7 Dumb And Worst Pick Up Lines.

Who invented the Afro Pick?

That is a good question there could be a group of guys/girls that came up with the style and then published it and now they are popular for people that have or pick there afros

What are some good pick up lines for girls?

do you like jewelry? yes. well suck on this its a gem

How can a white guy pick up black girls?

they can be theirselves and try to talk to that black girl he like

Should you act like other boys to pick up girls?

No. You sould be yourself. If they like you they like you for who you are.

What car was used n sex and the city 2 to pick up the girls on the middle east?


What signs do guys pick up on girls to try to figure out if she likes him?

try flirting with other girls in a real flirting way and see if she gets jealous or not

What actors and actresses appeared in Pick-up Girls - 1981?

The cast of Pick-up Girls - 1981 includes: Tirso Cruz III Cecilia Guevarra Odette Khan Anita Linda Ferdie Marcelo Isabel Rivas Al Tantay Wendy Villarica

What is an active guitar pick-up?

a pick up is when you pick up a guitar .

Is the pick up box on a 2001 Chevy pick up the same size as a pick up box on a 2007 seven Chevy pick up?

The pick up box on a 2001 Chevy pick up is not the same as the pick up box on a 2007 Chevy pick up. These are different year models.

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