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The small immature cucumbers that are known as dills or gherkins require longer processing than most vegetables, especially if their deep green color is to be fixed; they also need partial cooking. Select gherkins of the same size.


small dill cucumbers

brine, using 225 g salt to each 2 liters water

spiced vinegar


  1. Place the gherkins in a saucepan, and cover with the brine.
  2. Bring nearly to boiling point. Do not actually boil, but simmer for 10 minutes.
  3. Drain and leave until cold, then pack into prepared jars, and cover with spiced vinegar, preferably aromatic.
  4. Put on vinegar-proof covers.

Making homemade spicing vinegar

  1. Add to 1 liter of vinegar, 5 - 10g of each of the following whole spices: cloves, allspice, cinnamon, white peppercorns, ginger. The smaller quantity will be enough for a mild pickle but for strongly flavored ones such as onion, the full quantity may be used.
  2. Put the spices in a folded cloth and beat them lightly with a rolling-pin to release their flavor.
  3. Put the bruised spices into the vinegar and seal the bottle.
  4. It may be more convenient to add a double or treble quantity of spices and dilute later with more vinegar, but label the container accordingly if this is done.
  5. If time allows, leave the spices in the well-sealed bottle of vinegar for 2 months, shaking daily for the first month.
  6. Strain out the spices carefully and re-bottle the vinegar.

Making quick spicing vinegar

  1. Place the spices and vinegar in a heatproof bowl and cover with a plate.
  2. Stand the bowl in a saucepan of cold water, bring the water gently to the boil and draw the pan off the heat.
  3. Leave for 2 hours, taking care not to move the plate or flavor will be lost.
  4. Strain the vinegar. If it is not immediately required, return to the bottle and seal.
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Q: How do you pickle a gherkin?
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What do you call a small pickle?

a hah Gherkin is a name for a small pickle.

What is a small cucumber that has been preserved in vinegar called?

It is called a pickle.

How wide is the Gherkin?

The average width of a gherkin pickle is between 3 and 5 centimeters. The average length for this pickle is 1 to 3 centimeters.

Where are gherkin pickle from?

An even younger cucumber!

Is the cornichon a sweet pickle or a dill pickle?


What does a gherkin look like?

A gherkin is a very small sweet pickle, about the size of a pinky finger, but green and wrinkly.

What type of vegetable is used to make the gherkin pickle?

The gherkin pickle is a cucumber that has been pickled in a brine. It is often left to ferment with sugar, herbs such as parsley of tarragon, and some fruit juices, but the underlying vegetable must always be a cucumber for it to be considered a gherkin.

What are some different pickle names?

dill,sweet,bread and butter,Candied Pickle,German-Style Dill Pickle,Gherkin,Half Sour Pickle,kosher dill,Sour Pickle, spicey

What is another word for small pickle?

A Gherkin is another name for a small pickled cucumber.

Who was the creator of the pickle song?

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What do the Americans call a gherkin?

Gherkins, of course. Americans recognize the existence of the word.However, we're more likely to just say "pickle".

What is the difference between a gherkin pickle and regular pickle?

Gherkins (cornichons in French) are smaller than regular cucumbers, and are picked young and dark green -- generally specifically for pickling. The taste is generally similar, though it is firmer.

What are baby pickles called?

You might be thinking of the word "gherkin", which in common talk people often refer to the "baby pickles" as being. Gherkin is actually a type of pickle, but the word is more commonly used in America to mean simply "little pickles".

Are pickles and gherkins the same thing?

A gherkin is a specific type of pickle. So, all gherkins are pickles, but only a small percentage of pickles are gherkins.

How do you make a pickle grow?

Whatever kind of pickle you have, whether an onion or a gherkin or whatever, the process of preserving it, e.g. soaking in vinegar, would render it incapable of growth.

How big is the gherkin?

The Gherkin Is 5,666m2 Big...

Who desingned the gherkin?

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Officially, it's 30 St Mary Axe (the building's address). More commonly it gets called "The Gherkin" - a gherkin is the British word for a pickle. It is also sometimes called the Swiss Re Building, as Swiss Re rents half of the building's floors.

Is a gherkin a fruit or a vegetable?

A gherkin is a fruit and is similar to a cucumber.

Is wally another name for a gherkin?

Yes, it is American for gherkin!

Why was the gherkin built?

the gherkin was built as an office tower for the government

What part of a plant is the gherkin?

A gherkin is a young fruit or seed pod.

Is a gherkin a vegetable?

Yes, Gherkin is family of cucumber, so it is vegetable.

What is the Gherkin used for?

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What is the name of a gherkin wrapped in herring?

a gherkin wrapped in herring is called a rollmop.