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You can download the Ps2 Emulating software and BIOS from Click on the EMU link at the top of page. It works trust me. ++plus you can try to copy these file into bios folder at emulators

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โˆ™ 2006-07-08 19:59:47
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Q: How do you place the PS2 bios files scph1000bin and rom1bin in the PS2 emulator ps2emu so that emulator works?
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All you have to do is get an emulator and open the executable file on the disc using the emulator.

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Will rock band play with ps2 emulator?

The PCSX2 emulator can only bring up the menus or intro on the different Rock Band PS2 games according to there files with a newer version of the emulator than is available for download at the related link

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If you are using an emulator which allows you to access the drives on the main computer (e.g. Oracle VM virtualbox): 1. Insert a blank CD or a USB memory stick and assign the drive they're in to the emulator. 2. Copy the files onto the CD or USB. 3. Remove the CD or USB and de-assign their drive from the emulator. 4. Reinsert the CD or USB 5. Copy the files from the CD or USB onto your host computer If you are using a different type of emulator there may be another way, but I am not aware of it.

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VBA doesn't incorporate the algorithm necessary to unrar a rar file. It can only handle zip files and the roms directly.

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PlayStation roms are basically the files for actual PS1 games packed into a ROM file, allowing it to be played on an emulator.

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