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You will need about a dozen seeds to plant. Not all will grow, and you will want to select the strongest seedlings, keeping at least two competing vines as a protection against loss to pests.

Plant the seeds in a shallow trench a few feet long (and no more than 4 inches deep). You can create a small mound where drainage is a problem. Water lightly to keep the seeds moist. Plant after the last frost of the year.

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Q: How do you plant pumpkins?
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Do pumpkins have ribs?

No, pumpkins do not have ribs. First of all, pumpkins are not a living organism. Pumpkins are basically a plant. And wouldn't it be weird if a tree had stomach?

Can you plant pumpkins in the desert in minecraft?

if there is water and dirt then you can plant it any were.

Facebook Farmville should you plant pumpkin or strawberries?

You should plant pumpkins. Pumpkins give you more money. They also yield more XP points.

How many pumpkins will one plant produce?

about 2

What month should you plant pumpkins?

on sept. 1

Can you plant seeds from last years pumpkins?


What does sam plant in seedfolks?

pumpkins. the dude that helped him wanted to plant marijuana, but sam convinced him pumpkins would sell better during halloween, and it wouldn't get you in jail

When should you plant pumpkins?

Pumpkins can be planted in spring 2-4 weeks after the last frost , or when the soil has warmed up.

Will your pumpkin plant produce pumpkins the first year?


What does the characters from the book Seedfolks plant?

Tomatoes, eggplant, pumpkins

How many pumpkins per pumpkin plant?

One pumpkin.

Are pumpkins native to salt water?

No pumpkins are a squash. Squashes are native to the Americas' and are a land living fresh water consuming plant.

What plant does pumpkins grow on?

Like all squash it gowns on a vine.

Have pumpkins been ripen all year-round in US?

Pumpkins do not ripen all year long. Pumpkins need between 15 and 100 warm days to ripen. Around May, is the best time to plant pumpkins and they will be ripe by the fall.

Are pumpkins eukaryotic or prokaryotic?

Pumpkins are plant and eukaryote. They have a double walled nuclear membrane binding the genetic material and many membrane bound organelles.

What do you do if the pumpkins get bugs on them?

You would spray around the plant area simple green.

Is a pumpkin vine a flowering or non-flowering plant?

Pumpkins have both male and female flowers. It is a flowering plant.

What states can you not plant a pumpkin?

You can't plant a pumpkin in delware because of the infertile soil.

What is the average yield of pumpkin per acre?

Approximatly 2500-3000 pumpkins per acre for the larger jack o lantern types averaging about 2 pumpkins a plant

How do you grow pumpkins?

smash the pumpkins on the road or cement,pick up the seeds,find rich soil in your backyard if you don't have a backyard try to find soil,dig,plant the seeds but spread them apart and only plant 5-6 seeds in one hole then water it for as long as it's growing and then in a couple months you'll enjoy fresh pumpkins.

How much water do you use a week to plant pumpkins seeds?

1 liter per day

What crops did the Shawnee plant?

The Shawnee Indians planted corn,beans,squash,pumpkins,and grapes.

How are pumpkins adapted to their habitat?

a big stalk helps it to clutch on to its plant to stop it getting eaten

How do you grow pumpkins in Minecraft PE survival mode?

Plant pumpkin seeds and use bone meal

What is the planting depth for pumpkins?

if a seed then three times the length of the seed. {21/2 to 3 inches deep. if as a transplant seedling then plant at crown of plant.