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All you have to do is get a certain level im not sure what it is but im also having trouble getting to it

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Well you have tio hACK IT AND MOD IT AND THEN YOU CAN PLAY 50000000 PLAYER (:

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simply play with someone on the same console.

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Q: How do you play 2 player campaign on halo reach?
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Can 16 players play the halo reach campaign at once?

no halo "campaign" is a single player game

Can you play 2 player on campaign on halo ce anniversary?

You and a friend IRL or over XBOX Live work through the Halo : Reach campaign missions

What do you use to play halo reach beta?

You put in your Halo 3:ODST campaign disk and go to play the BETA and download it.

What grade do you need to play halo reach campaign online?

No set grade, play whenever.

How can you play the Halo Reach Beta without getting Halo ODST?

There is no way to get it without the Halo 3: ODST Campaign disk.

How do you play as a jackel on halo reach?

I've seen someone play the campaign as a jackal by modding their game.

Do you need a hard drive to play co-op campaign on Halo Reach?


How many people can play halo reach example custom games campaign etc?

In the BTEA there is 4 player split-screen, but that is all that is announced. But like all other Halo games there will probably be 4 player max on campaign, and 16 player max in custom games and matchmaking.

After you have watched the preview how do you play halo reach beta?

You need to put in your copy of Halo 3:ODST campaign and go to play the BETA and download it.

Is halo reach have a 2 player campaign?

Actually, Halo Reach will allow 4 players to play through the campaign, split screen or through Xbox Live. It's perfectly possible to play with only two or three players as well. As a side note, you can play split screen with your buddy and play with two others on Xbox Live, provided both of you have a Gold Membership.

How do you play campaighn on the game halo reach?

Campaign should be one of three options to choose from when you first play Halo Reach. It will show up along with Matchmaking and Theater on the main menu.

Do you need a hard drive to play co op campaign on Halo Reach?

No, that would be silly.