How do you play Family Feud?

When you play family feud you have to be very involved. First you get together a group of 7 and you have a judge. The judge may ask you some questions that you have to get the best answer to. Such as " What do many people put on their popcorn" ? You and your group can put together a buzzer and you hit the buzzer and you would answer butter or whatever you eat popcorn with. If the answer is right then you will hear a ding and if the answer is wrong you will hear a buzz or annnnnnnnt. You keep playing until you see which group has the most point team 1 or team 2. If you want to go into the more challenging game then you can play 10 questions. This is were the judge ask you 10 questions and you have to give your best answer in 30 seconds. You have to get the number 1 answer to get the total number of points.