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How do you play PlayStation one games on your PC?

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you should buy or search a software that will enable your PC to read playstation 1 CD's

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Can you play playstation3 on a PC?

No you cannot play the PC games on the PlayStation 3 or play PlayStation games on PC

Can i play PlayStation 3 games on MS PC?

No you can not, only for playstation.

Can you play PC games on PlayStation 3?


How can't you play Playstation in the PC?

The PC will not play ps1 or ps2 games without an emulator

How can i play PS1 game on pc?

With an emulator for the Playstation games

How do you download PC games to PS3?

You do not download the PC games to a PS3 and instead you download PS3 games from only the PlayStation Store. The PS3 is not a PC and will not play PC games. It can go online to browse the internet or it can play games online only in the PlayStation network and only against other PS3 users also on the PlayStation Network (PSN)

Convert PlayStation games to Xbox games?

it is simple impossible Games are not converted they are designed to be exclusively used for the system they are designed for. A console or PC would have too be changed to play a game with an emulator program, not that you could run one on a Xbox to play games for a Playstation, but a PC could run different emulator programs that would let it play Playstation and Xbox games.

The best PlayStation 1 emulator?

You can use a PlayStation 1 emulator to play PlayStation 1 games on the PC. One of the best emulators to use is Epsxe 1.8.0.

Can you play solublade ps1 in PC?

No Playstation games can not be played in a PC without an emulator program

Can you play PC games on a playstation3?

if u hack the playstation 3

Can you play PC games on a playstation 2?

No. Not unless the game was multiplatform. You can use emulators to play PS2 games on a PC, but not the other way around.

PlayStation Store Can't Download Games From PC?

The Complete Playstation Store is not on the part of the Playstation Network that you access from the PC and you will be able to buy and download from the PS3. You can not download and load and play games into a PS3 harddrive except from the Playstation Store.

Can you play PC games on PS?

Only if you buy the Playstation version of the game, the PC version is not compatible.

What deffrent games for a different system you can play for slim line ps2?

You can play PS2 games and some PlayStation titles. Consoles do not play PC games and the PlayStation will not play any of the Xbox or Nintendo consoles games. The PS2 does not Play PS3 games

How do you play PS3 on PC?

You can't, you will need a PlayStation 3 console to play it's games.

Can you Play PlayStation 2 games at your computer?

No, they are not formated for your PC and therefor are not compatable.

What is a PlayStation 2 emulator?

It is a (illegal) program which allows you to play ps2 games on a PC

Can you play PlayStation 2 games on a computer?

No, you cannot directly play playstation 2 games on a computer. You must use an playstation emulator software to do so. However the performance might not be as good. Here is a link that provides more information.

How do you play PC games on a PlayStation 2?

you dont because you cant. unless its a multiplatform game.

Can you play a PlayStation 1 game on a PC?

On a emulator to duplicate the Playstation using PC hardware

Can you connect and play on PlayStation network solely on a computer?

NO you can not. A PC Emulator includes a PS2 Bios so it could not be called solely on a computer. Not that I know if you can use it to get on the Playstation Network. Any PC can access the Playstation network that is available for the PC and it is not the online games section that is available, but the support section. A PC could not even play a PS3 game and the Playstation Network would not work with a PC game as they are not compatible.

Can you play PlayStation home beta on a computer?

No you can not play it on the PC ever it is Playstation software

Burning PlayStation 1 games for your moded PlayStation?

Sort of a waste of time worrying about getting free games on an system that that is 17 years old and you can play the games on a PC with an emulator program

Can you play PlayStation home on your PC?

No you need to be on the Playstation Network from the PS3

Can you play DC Universe Online on a PC and play with someone on the ps3?

No they are not the same game and are different from when they are being developed. Games are software designed to work exclusively with the hardware they were developed for. PC games are only compatible with PC games if you can not play the game version in a PC why would you think they could play each other because they are both using a part of the internet. The PS3 only plays on the Playstation Network and the PC can not play a game on the Playstation Network. They are always different games that only have the same titles. It is not just DC Universe, but every PC game.