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there should be an audio out on your sony tv. use that to connect standard RCA jacks into your sound system go into settings on your TV and disable the internal speakers. if this doesn't work try only connecting your video input in your TV while using the audio RCA to split to your sound system. is your main feed COAX or RCA?

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How bulky or portable is the Sony Home Theatre System?

The sony home theatre system is very small in fact five of the speakers are the size of a golf ball. The subwoofer is bigger in size but it doe not take up a whole lot of space.

Is extensive set up needed to use the Sony home theatre system?

The setup is very easy with a sony theatre system. The average time for the average person is around 30 minutes. For those who are technically challenged it could take up to an hour.

What is the remote code for Sony DVD home theatre system that works with U-verse?


How do you connect your lg tv to a Sony home theatre system?

If you are using the tuner of the TV, plug the digital audio out of the tv into the digital input of the Sony receiver.

What is the price range for Sony home theatre sytems?

The price range for sony home theatre systems varies greatly depending on which features and style of home theatre system that you are looking for. The Sony Bravia LCD/LED televisions with 3D technology are generally 2-3 thousand dollars depending on which size you are looking for. Your looking at anywhere from 2-5 thousand dollars depending on which system you want and the frills.

How do i connect my lg tv to a sony home theatre system plus sky hd box using HDMI leads?

To connect an LG television to a Sony Home Theatre system plus Sky HD box using HDMI leads, locate the areas on the back of the television that use HDMI cords. Connect the home theatre system to the television, then connect the main box of the home theatre system to the Sky HD using the HDMI leads.

How can you connect sony lcd tv to home theatre?

If the home theatre system has an HDMI output, connect that to the HDMI input on the TV. If not, component video is your next best connection.

How do you unlock your Sony Dav-tz130 DVD home theatre system?

If you see 'Locked' on the front display or the disc will not eject, you will need to take it to your local Sony service center.

Which is best wireless home theatre systems?

Thes Sony DAV-FX900W 5-Disc DVD Dream System is probable the best WIRELESS system.

Does Sony have branch office in nigeria where i can buy Sony product like Sony home theatre.?

Lagos (Sony shop @ Palms & Adeola Odeku) & PH

Can you hook up Sony home theatre DAV-DZ230 to your PS3 for surround sound?

Yes. Simply run a coxial aidio cable or a Toslink cable from your sony playstation to your amplifier and you will have linked your sony playstation with your home theatre.

How do you unlock your Sony dav-dz 175 DVD home theatre system?

If you have forgotten your parental password on the DAV-DZ175, press 199703 and then the (+) key. The system will ask you for a new password.

How do you play sony tv through sony DVD home theater system dav tz210 i did all the necessary settings written on the manual of both tv and the home theater but there is still no sound?

You can't play the Sony TV's sound through this system, as the TZ210 doesn't have any video or audio inputs. This system can only be used to play DVDs and the radio tuner built into the TZ210.

How do you connect the sony home theatre to laptop?

Use a HDMI cable

What did Sony invent?

sony invented CD System in 1982

Does sony home theatre BDV-E4100 support mkv files?


What kind of a warranty does the Sony home theatre system come with?

The warranty period is almost always 1 year starting from the purchase date. You can buy an extended warranty but I wouldn't recommend it unless the price of the system is very high.

Is horse creator of Sony?

no sony is a DVD player or electric system with the company toshiba

How do you unlock your Sony DAV-FX900W home theatre system?

When asked for your parental control password (with the disc out of the player), enter 199703. You will then be asked to enter a new password. Don't forget this one!

Can a Sony gift card be used anywhere other than through

Sony gift card can be used at only one other place than through and that is the actual sony store.

Does sony smartwatch have speaker?

To date, none of the Sony smartwatches (through the SW3) have a speaker built-in.

How are PS3 made?

by the sony entertainment system

Is sony making a new system?


Is Sony ericsson android or window?

Sony ericsson have their own operating system for most of their phones. But most of the new sony ericssons coming out have android on them

Where can one find information about Sony Home Theatre Systems?

The magazines "Home Theater" and "Sound and Vision Magazine" are excellent resources for information about Sony Home Theater systems. Websites such as the official Sony website, CNet, and Best Buy also have information about Sony Home Theater systems.