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First of all, you need to make an "EA" account, so you can gain access to features. (internet Required) then you look for the multiplayer tab and click on it. Soon you will have access to all online features for battlefield 2142

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โˆ™ 2008-12-18 00:13:04
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Q: How do you play battlefield 2142 online?
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Why can't you play battlefield 2142 online?

Your GF 2142 is cracked?. When Yes. Then buy the game, you cant play the full game when you have cracked version.

Where can you buy battlefield 2142 CD key on line?

You can not Battlefield 2142's CD key is located on the back of the Battlefield 2142 Game Manual.

Do you need Broadband to play battlefield 2142?

yes because you need registration online, even to have access to single player games.

Where can one purchase a BF 2142?

One can purchase a Battlefield 2142 game at the following online retailers: Amazon, Origin, Play, and many other retailers that sell video games as well.

When you try to play Battlefield 2142 it says emulation has conflect and it doesn't work. What could be wrong?

if you google : battlefield 2142 emulation conflict error the first result of the searches is a forum that is run by technicians that posted the fix for this issue this is the link

Why does punkbuster always kick you on Battlefield 2142?

Punkbuster is a anti-hack system that kicks cheaters and hackers on servers you must install Punkbuster to play on most Multiplayer Battlefield 2142 servers.

How do you install Battlefield 2142 Northern Strike?

They released a patch for Battlefield 2142 that gives you Northern Strike for FREE type in Battlefield 2142 latest patch in Google and you should find a website that gives you it.

When playing battlefield 2142 on mac where does the screenshots save to?

To the folder where you installed the game. My Computer ---> Program Files ---> Battlefield 2142 ---> around in there

Is there a Battlefield 2142 demo for mac?


Where can you get battlefield 2142 the demo?

go to and look around on the main page for a thing that says "battlefield 2142 demo" or just google it!!!

What are the release dates for Gamecaster's Battlefield 2142 Invitational - 2007?

Gamecaster's Battlefield 2142 Invitational - 2007 was released on: USA: 15 February 2007

What is the age range for 2142 battlefield?

young teens

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