Defense of the Ancients

How do you play dota?

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Dota (Defense of the Ancients) is a custom map on Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. The aim of the game is to defeat the opposing team's ancient. For Sentinel their Ancient is the Tree of Life. For Scourge it is the Frozen Throne. You pick a hero from either Sentinel or Scourge and you control him throughout the hole game. Every 30-60 seconds a wave of creeps come out, which u cannot control and they help push into the other teams base. Once you get into their base, that is when you can start pushing towards defeating their ancient. Your hero also has a level cap of 25. You hero has a maximum of 4 abilities which he can use to defeat other heroes. With each level, you can choose a different spell, or upgrade the same spell u choose prior, and make it better. For your hero you can also buy him items and upgrade.

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Can you play dota without installing Warcraft 3?

You can't play dota without installing warcraft 3.

How do you play dota without Warcraft 3?

In order to play Dota without Warcraft 3, you would have to buy Dota 2 through the Steam store run by the publisher Valve. You can play a free, albeit different version of Dota by downloading League of Legends. While not the same mechanics as Dota, League of Legends follows the same structure and is influenced quite heavily by Dota.

Can you play dota on your Mac?

Defense of the Ancients (DotA) can be played with Mac OS X.

Can dota play in xbox 360?

we need the geeks to do it... support them... let them break the android tablet that we could play dota. waiting for that...

What age of teenagers are addicted to DOTA?

When they reach 13 and above. So when you play DotA you will get addicted to it easily.

How to play dota?

by searching or

Is any girl play dota?


What games do seventh graders play?


Is Dota 2 free to play?


Will dota 2 be free to play?


Is dota all-star free to play?

Yes, DotA is free to play. However, you'll need to have Warcraft III: Frozen Throne installed before you are able to play the game. This is because DotA is a user-made map for Frozen Throne.

Why cant I play Dota all-stars on my warcraft frozen throne?

You need to download the current map file for DotA. sorry man but that answer is SO wrong you just need the latest patch to play dota!!

Can you play dota with bots?

Yes there are DOTA AI maps which support computer players. You can find them on the GetDOTA forums.

Who can play dota?

Anybody, except babies, of course.

How do you play hack in dota?

You can only Map hack

What can you do to stop playing dota?

Play another game.

How do you play Pokemon World 7.6 in Dota?


Rules in forming comparative degree of comparison?

it is a dota that you can play

Is dota popular in the US?

yes dota is the most popular game worlwide...i think 1 billion ppl at least play this game ...

What language is Dota?

English. DotA stands for Defense of the Ancients. fluent English is not necessary to play; however, it is necessary to read this response to your question.

How do you install dota all-star and how it work?

You'll need to have Warcraft III: Frozen Throne in order to play DotA. DotA is just a user-made map for Frozen Throne, and you'll have to download the map from to play it. Just transfer the map file over to you Frozen Throne map folder and play.

If one were to download 'DOTA' what would they be getting?

The download 'DOTA' is a game that is played within another online game, Warcraft 3. 'DOTA' allows teams to play against one another. Playing it is fun but requires a good deal of strategy in order to be successful.

How you play dota 2?

Dota 2 is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) where the objective is to destroy the opposing team's Ancient. For more information, visit the Dota 2 Wiki or check out DotaCinema on YouTube for a preview of the heroes.

How do you change old dota items to new dota items?

the change of new dota item is download dota 2 and then copy paste the map of dota 2 to dota warcraft III and see is change try it :))

How is groundwater recharged?

just play DOTA and use nevermore and have a pro moves