Defense of the Ancients

How do you play dota?

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Dota (Defense of the Ancients) is a custom map on Warcraft 3

Frozen Throne. The aim of the game is to defeat the opposing team's

ancient. For Sentinel their Ancient is the Tree of Life. For

Scourge it is the Frozen Throne. You pick a hero from either

Sentinel or Scourge and you control him throughout the hole game.

Every 30-60 seconds a wave of creeps come out, which u cannot

control and they help push into the other teams base. Once you get

into their base, that is when you can start pushing towards

defeating their ancient. Your hero also has a level cap of 25. You

hero has a maximum of 4 abilities which he can use to defeat other

heroes. With each level, you can choose a different spell, or

upgrade the same spell u choose prior, and make it better. For your

hero you can also buy him items and upgrade.

Hope this helps.


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