How do you play with your son?

It would help to know if you are a mom or dad, and the age of your son. In general, let your son take the lead if he is old enough. In other words, if he wants to play catch, do that. If he wants to play with trucks, do that. If he wants to wrestle, or watch TV, or walk the dog, do those things. If there is nothing that appeals to him at the moment, take him for a drive to a place he hasn't been, or to any kind of age appropriate event, or for lunch, or for ice cream. If he wants to include a friend, don't be put off or scared of that. He either wants to show you off because you are so cool, or he needs a little back-up until he gets the idea that you are so cool. Either way, it's great for both of you.

The important thing is for you NOT to get tied up with the thought that you have to take charge and make him do something, because 'I'm playing with you and you WILL enjoy it or else'. Probably more than anything he just wants to spend time, and to know that he can be comfortable around you, and not feel like he has to act, obey, perform or win. Just let yourself enter his world for a while; you'll see it's not such a bad place. Play by definition is not the harsh reality of work or school. It's imaginative and often imaginary as well. Spending this time with him may help you remember how wonderful and how important play is, regardless of age.