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Stroke, rub, suck and lick her vagina and focus on the clitoris and labia. This of course depends on which gender you are if your a man follow the advice above, if your a women focus on rubbing the clitoris and going slow.

Wont work: you shove your fingers up your p*ssy and move them back and forth very fast until you come.

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Does a woman get pregnant without intercousing with manyou mean if woman doesnot intercourse with man throughout his life If woman insert sex toys in her vaginal area can she get pregnant?

A woman can't do it without a man with or without toys period. An egg cannot be fertilized without a male's sperm. If you are concerned about pregnancy, just have the man wear a condom & you can have all the fun you want.

How do you use self-reliance in a sentence?

the boys are very self reliance with there toys

How can a women plesure herself?

A woman can make herself pleasure by having Adult toys...

Do toys come to life when your not there?

I Suggest You Leave A Camara And Some Toys Out And Record Them And See For Yours Self. (:

Can you get chlamydia without sexual contact?

You can get chlamydia from oral, anal, and vaginal sex; genital-genital contact; sharing sex toys; or birth to an infected woman.

Is there any ghost adventures toys?

Yes indeed they have sex toys to please all their ghostly spirits or encounters :*

Do chinchilla need a lot of toys?

please tell me by December

Does santa make of buy the toys please let me know?

Santa makes the toys in his myths. Being a myth he doesn't actually make toys or buy them. He isn't real.

Where you can buy transformers movie toys in India?

FunsKool Toys are having these ones... please have a look http://funskoolindia.com/ Thanks Vinay

Why does Santa have elfs?

Well he cant make all those toys by him self can he?

What are the best toddler's toys?

The best toys for toddlers are toys that can be put in mouth, up nose, and in ears without causing harm to the toddler. Young children enjoy putting toys where they do not belong.

What store can I find cra-z-cookn' toys?

Can anyone please tell me where can I find cra-z-cookn' toys ... Can u please tell me if u know I really need it

How were woman treated in the 1930s?

Woman in the 1930's were treated very poorly and like trash and we were their little boy toys

How does a woman pleasure another woman in bed?

A woman can pleasure another woman by using her mouth and hands to sexually stimulate the other womans genitals. A woman can also get a variety of sex toys to use on the other woman.

Where are the Hamster toys in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box?

Please see the Related link below for a walkthrough of Hamster toys, look down the right hand side of the puzzle index to locate the toys and the workouts.

Can Firestar Toys ship to Canada?

Yes. Please see the related link below.

What are self correcting structured toy?

Toys that fit together in a specific way....like puzzles

What are the differences between old toys and new toys?

the old things are more important because,you cannot have the new thing without the old......

Can a female transmit chlamydia to a female?

A woman can give a woman chlamydia; for example via oral sex, toys, direct pelvic contact, etc.

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