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Seems to me you can drop huge boulders or rocks in that hole. Seems they can blast to collapse or cave in that hole

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Q: How do you plug oil hole in ocean floor?
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How is oil extracted from the ocean floor?

Oil is taken from the ocean floor by oil rigs, attached to a large drill, which sucks the oil up.

Why does oil come out of hole in ocean floor?

Because under the water, there is still solid rock, for 60 km, some of this rock contains oil, that's why offshore oil exploitation exists.

Why was the hibernia oil field made?

Because we need oil. So they created oil fields for easier oil production. The Ocean floor is the way you get oil, so the oil fields are attached to the Ocean floor.

How do you replacstripped oil pan plug hole?

You need to have the hole tapped out to a larger size, and put in a larger drain plug. Or, you can have the whole oil pan replaced, which is more expensive

How oil gets into the ocean?

Oil gets into the ocean when there's a hole in the oil transportation(i.e holes in ships, or anything that transports oil).

Why is oil in spark plug hole?

if the oil is at the spark plug base the valve cover gasket is leaking. if the spark plug electrode is covered with oil the engine needs rings

Where do you find oil?

You normally find oil in the ground or under the ocean floor.

Should oil be in spark plug hole in a 2000 Lincoln ls?

no !

Engineers drill in the ocean floor for?

oil and natural gas

Where on the ocean floor does oil drilling take place?

Oil drilling often occurs on the seabed, that is, the very bottom of the ocean.

How is oil extracted from the ocean?

Its not (unless you mean skimmed from the surface). The oil they extract is from deep below the bottom (the floor) of the ocean.

Why does people get the oil from under the ocean floor?

Because oil cost a lot of money.

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